Lite FM Malaysia Online


Lite FM Malaysia Online

LiteFM Online Malaysia

Lite FM is one of the most popular and amongst the top ranked radio station based in Malaysia. The station is broadcasting and transmitting live from Kuala Lumpur. Now the channel plays the most favorite Asian music (specially Malaysian), entertainment talk shows & programmes and sometimes provides some details related to health topics and that’s why it is tune throughout the whole Malaysia nation. As of 2011, it consist of the following frequencies:

  • Penang/Alor Setar 104.4 FM
  • Taiping 89.3 FM
  • Ipoh 101.5 FM
  • Klang Valley 105.7
  • Seremban 104.6 FM
  • Johor Bahru 94.6 FM
  • Melaka 92.2 FM
  • Kuantan 104.7 FM
  • Kuala Terengganu 105.9 FM
  • Kota Bahru 104.3 FM
  • Kuching 100.1 FM
  • Kota Kinabalu 103.2 FM
  • Astro Channel 854

Lite FM Malaysia Live Streaming

Below is the stream of this most favorable radio station, you can wait till the streaming will loads completely.

Hope you will enjoy during listening the Lite FM online. Don’t need to press play button or any other else, just bookmark the link and whenever you want you could tune in.

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  • Lee Sun Ton


    I am your supporter since the station was named “LIGHT AND EASY”. I noticed there is a drastic change in the type of songs you are playing since then. If the change from bad to good then I have no negative comment. But the change is from good to bad. I feel very sad. Those days when the station was named “LIGHT AND EASY”, the songs played were those really soothing and romantic. Since the station name was changed to “LITE FM”, the songs played become worst, less sentimental songs were played. Same thing apply to the DJs. I noticed that the older days DJ are better and more professional. Hope the songs play in this station are more of sentimental type.

    • Alfecia


      sir, rembember me? im a big fan of too :)

  • mr^cool


    tei gia….bila masa ko jd big fan lite fm..bukan pom pom kai2 PP..hahahha

  • Dennis De Rozario


    The DJ’s from the station are doing a GREAT JOB! Keep up the good song selection guys. I was once a Club DJ in this era. You guys bring back memories man…..

    When I listen to the list of songs you guys play, makes me feel younger and want to go back to the togok days again. 80′s is the best years for dance and slow jamz…Cheers you guys!
    Singapore Jocks and Kaki’s- Rainbow, TGIF, Brannigans, Ceazers, Top Ten,Tropicana, Issei, Rumours, Hard Rock the 80s, Fire, Europa Changi, East Coast, Kilimanjaro, Motown and many more happening clubs. THE MABUK DAYS and CHICKS GALORE!

  • Zara Nora


    Been listening to this channel all the time, in the car, at home while doing work on my laptop n on my mobile when im on the move…Love this channel so much from those days it was called lite n easy…keep up the good work guys…the best channel that i only listen!! mmuuaahhh….

  • Jeremy Chan


    you guys good job hosting 2/4 PJ, Dr RB,

    Appreciate if u can play more songs from Beatles, Simon & Garfunkel, Rod Steward

    1. pls give me contacts & e mail of Befrienders
    2. When and where is the seminar with PJ, Dr Corina, Vincent Poon


  • yasmeen


    hello people ….
    u are excellent u bring my memory back “when i was in high school”. keep it up NEVER CHANGE pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  • Chrys Yeung


    This station has been accompany me for almost 20 yrs, and is from Malaysia to Hong Kong! A very great radio station ! Keep it up!!

  • Haryharan Niar


    Keep up the excellent job.

  • Wilson HG Ong


    I am your supporter too. I think generally the songs played were wonderful! Keep it up that way ya’….Btw, there are some comments from others that don’t looks like liking the songs that you played. To me it is ok, as you can NEVER please the whole world right? Cheers! To all DJs

  • Rosalind


    Excellent collection keep up the selection

  • Sandie Lenton


    Remember the upcoming annual Christmas Bazaar hosted by the International Women’s Association of Penang and supported by the E&O Group who donate the space at Straits Quay and Press Conference space at the hotel.
    The IWA Penang celebrates its 30th (Pearl) Anniversary this year and represents about 30 countries in the membership of approximately 300 ladies.
    This year we have sold about 100 tables and donated a further 20 free spaces to local charities. Last year we raised a combined figure of around RM75,000 for local Penang charities and we hope to equal that this year.
    The bazaar includes local produce, clothes, gifts, jewellery, services, charities, cakes, “Prickles” – pickles and preserveswhite elephant stall, oriental carpets, skin products, paintings, glassware etc.
    The central stage will feature non stop entertainment from schools, volutary groups and professional musicians from 10.30am to 10.30pm.

    Best wishes

    Sandie Lenton – President IWA Penang

  • Chak


    I was falling in love when I was introduced to this station by THAT lady. And after listening, I am now truly in-loved. I hope she loves me too. And whenever I tune-in to this station, my heart beats faster, my eyes see stars, and I go…..Aaahhhhh….. Now, how do you tell a girl that you deeply in-loved with her??

  • ryn


    I feel easy when I listening lite fm. I listen this lite and easy fm everyday.

  • Liew Swee Chin (Summer)


    I love Lite FM!



    Dear DJ,

    Your topic of discussion on mornings need to have more variety as well as the genre of the songs.

    Yes, good to talk about health issues with Dr Rajban but some of the general health topics kinda stale. Interview exercise goers what makes them do to maintain a healthy lifestyle or hikers/ podium marathon finishers on how they keep themselves to always be podium finishers. Or some outdoor friends you come to know where his/her weight issues have been tackled and what discipline they incorporate in their daily lives to stay fit and trim. All these interviews can motivate members of the public whom are in dilemma with regards to weight and health problems. The interviews by Big Fatt loosers on Astro to me really helps to motivate people. The sweat and tears of those winners and losers says a lot about discipline.

    Your programmed songs almost predictable. Throw in some jazz or others besides commercial tunes. Or let the public submit in suggestion for songs/music to be played. To me this will be more interesting because different people got different taste. So got variety. Coming from same DJs is only your taste of music.

    Need to revamp your current style. Last, my regards to you guys and also Dr Rajban for his general concern on public health.
    Oh try to talk less among yourself and more from public. Sometimes you guys got carried away. Lite FM Have a good day



    all of us at the office enjoys listening to liteFM whilst working everyday

  • JK


    The best part of the song “Hotel California” is toward the instrumental part before the song end. You guys at the station will end the instrumental part. If that part is too lengthy & take your radio time away than don’t play this song anymore. Its a nice piece why shorten it.

  • doreen chen


    I only able to listen to lite fm while driving. Glad that I can listen online with my pc

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