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Overview & History

Suria FM

Let’s have a fun and music with listening Malaysian dominant radio called Suria FM which commenced its live transmission in 2005. This leading FM got license from the capital of Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur and covers various popular destinations as Klang Valley, Sembilan, Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, Perlis, Kota Bharu and also Singapore. Dengar Suria FM Radio capsule on several frequencies according to your relevant era as 106.9 MHz for Perlis, 105.3 Lembah Klang, 107 Seremban and Suria FM 88.5 MHz frequency for Melaka.

Suria FM Malaysia Online

Suria FM Radio

The audience can know Dengar FM Suria with online streaming at listenradios.com that is the globally renowned radio streaming site remains on 24/7. In 2009, the channel spoke slogan “Muzik Terbaik Tanpa Henti” (Best Music Non-Stop) and after that officials had swapped its theme to “Muzik Terbaik 90an Dan Terbaru” (Best Music 90s and Updates). Rimamakmur Sdn. Bhd. Is having the rights of its ownership that has founded the station for entertaining its countless listeners all over the country.

Suria FM Transmission

Suria FM knows demands of its followers and fulfilling all of their needs as its format is “All-time Favorite Music”. Listen Suria FM Carta a musical chart comprising with top 30 songs of Malaysian singers as Shila Amzah, Asmidar, Hanie, Faizul, Ella and Hazama etc. You can watch (Tonton) and vote (Undi) for your favorite songs in the Suria Radio Carta songs collection available at official website of the channel. Live Radio Suria FM playlist is based on English and Malaysian old and modern genre songs as classical, pop, rock, jazz and techno. Channel offers you to send request for your favorite hits in the live shows of Suria FM online.

The amalgamation of genres of sounds, entertainment, jokes and news on hot affairs is available to listen in Suria Radio stunning programs. Dengar CERIA PAGI SABAH show with RJ Dadu and Farish who is bringing a cheerful morning with the mixture of showbiz news, jokes and also sharing your problems in the show. RJ Bob Ringo who is a popular presenter of Suria FM, airs a show Relax & Rock Solar that is based on latest rock and pop songs and offers you to send request. The listeners will have to go in write menu, type CYCLE then space your message and send it to 33988 and stay for a while for hearing your music in the show.

Being a largest radio station of Malaysia, Suria FM has a well reputed team of its presenters and other crew members, having more experience and professionalism in radio broadcasting network. Meet your beloved Suria Radio presenter as DJ Linda Onn, RJ Rey, Naim, DJ Sazali, Zaff or DJ Seri in the shows is being aired on the station. They are bringing bundle of knowledge and information across the globe such as sports updates specially football and baseball, political news, showbiz news from Hollywood industry, celebrities, kitchen corner for women and health care info. Listeners can enjoy to watch live podcasts at official website, watch videos and information about current musical nights occurring all over in Malaysia.


Live Suria FM Programs & Shows:

Program Presenter
Ceria Pagi @ Suria DJ Halim & DJ Adibah Noor
Santai Ceria Seri Nazira
Relaks & Rock Suria Bob Ringgo
Ceria Petang Saji
Ceria Suria DJ Reza
Suria Cinta DJ Lin
Grandstand Suria Halim Othman & Nain Tahak
Sampaikan Sabah DJ Rey
Kopi Obie Obie
Ceria Pagi Sabah Dadu & DJ Farish

Malaysia Radio Suria FM Frequency Chart:

Era Frequency
Melaka 88.5
Taiping 91.7
Ipoh 96.0
Kuantan 96.1
Kuala Terengganu 102.4
Johor Bharu 104.4
Lembah Klang 105.3
Kota Kinabalu 105.9
Kota Bharu 106.1
Perlis, Kedah, Pulau Pinang 106.9
Seremban 107.0

Address, Contact & General Information:

FM Name Suria FM
Frequency 96.0
Slogan Muzik Terbaik 90an Dan Terbaru
Founded 2005
Owner Rimamakmur Sdn. Bhd
Email webmaster@suriafm.com.my
Country Malaysia
Address Tropicana City Office Towers,Level 2.01, No. 3, Jalan SS 20/27,47400 Petaling Jaya,Selangor Darul Ehsan.
Website suriafm.com.my
Fax Suria Sana Sini +603-7885 1053
Fax +603-7885 1099
Pej +603-7885 1188
Trafik Suria +603-7725 1133
Studio +603-7724 2115
Facebook www.facebook.com/SuriaFMMalaysia
Twitter twitter.com/suriafmmalaysia
Instagram instagram.com/suriafmmalaysia
YouTube www.youtube.com/user/suriafmtv