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Klasik Nasional FM
Klasik Nasional FM

Klasik Nasional FM (formerly referred to as Nasional FM as well as prior to which because Radio 1 as well as Radio Malaysia Saluran 1 (Radio Malaysia Channel 1) is really a nationwide radio station run through Radio Televisyen Malaysia broadcasting within Malay. The primary slogan is actually Segalanya Di Sini, Menggamit Memori (Memories are created Here).

The actual station began because Radio Malaya working from Singapore within 1946. Using the self-reliance associated with Malaya within 1957 Radio Malaya had been split up into 2; the initial galleries within Singapore had been absorbed with a brand new station known as Radio Singapura as well as Radio Malaya relocated in order to Kuala Lumpur, happening atmosphere in the brand new area upon The month of january 1, 1959.

Through 04 NINETEEN, 1971 Radio Malaya that was referred to as Rangkaian Nasional (National Network) began to transmit Twenty-four hours a day, the very first station in the united kingdom to do this. This experienced several title modifications, in order to Radio 1 upon 1 The month of january 1992, Radio Malaysia Saluran 1 upon Sept 1 1998, last but not least in order to it’s present title within 06 2005.

Klasik Nasional FM
began to turn out to be obtainable on the internet upon The month of january 1, 2001.

Upon August 12, 2006, Nasional FM as well as Klasik FM (which had been previously referred to as Radio Irama Melayu Asli (RIMA) as well as after because it  possess formally joined collectively to create Klasik Nasional FM exactly where they’ll transmit traditional Malay songs as it’s primary plan Twenty-four hours a day.

Klasik Nasional FM Live Streaming

Streaming  is available on the internet, you can listen live the Klasik Nasional FM after the streaming loading will complete.