Suria FM

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Suria FM


Suria FM Online Streaming Malaysia

Suria FM is an exclusive radio station registered in order to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. It is controlled by Rimamakmur Sdn. Bhd., a organization possessed by Star Publications (M) Berhad.

It was established on 30th of December 2005 and continuously broadcasting live transmission 24 hours day and night. High qulaity streaming is relayed daily and the primary language of talk shows and programs is Malay.  “All time favorites” hits from 80′s and 90′s are the main music of this station

started out it’s procedures on December 30, 2005 on A day foundation. Suria FM broadcasts coming from a digital studio within the Fifteenth Floor of the AM Confidence making #1 Jalan Lumut, Kuala Lumpur.

Some Frequencies – City Wise of Suria FM

  •     105.9 MHz from Kota Kinabalu, Sabah for Sabah’s West Coast Division.
  •      96.0 MHz from Ipoh, Perak for Central Perak region and Kinta Valley.
  •     105.3 MHz  Klang Valley
  •     107.0 MHz  Negeri Sembilan.
  •     88.5 MHz  Gunung Ledang, Johore for Malacca and Northern Johore.

you can listen this live fm radio station  when the streaming loads completely,  It may take maximum 1 minute, listen hassle free  on our special dedicated player, which broadcast in high quality

Currently this stations is at top peak ranking of listener ship Hope you will enjoy Malaysia’s hit station Suria FM Online and also share your feedback in form of comments below.



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  • mohd haadie bin halim


    sye igin mendegar lagu biar menjauh dari khppaila..
    lagu untuk yg tersayang nurul hayani binti roslie

    • mohd haadie bin halim


      suria gempak..
      sangat……love suria..

  • akhmalia


    bleh sy tlng…..
    awk just klick suria fm online….
    lau x bleh awk tgok line bb mngkin ada problem……

  • renaldysuarto


    Assalamu’alaikum,,, pendengar suaria FM,,,, walau pun dimana anda berada,,,, dan selamat menjalakan activity pada siang hari ini,,, sudah pada makan siang apa belum,,, jangan lupa makan,,,, kesihatan perlu dijaga,,,

  • Cik Nab


    Suria Fm mmg best,,

  • sue


    Suria cinta mmg best sye xmis pow tau tiap2 ary sye dnger

  • putri


    nak dngar lagu baru tjuk x psti..rsenye aku jatuh cinta ag…

  • dennymega


    Suriafm mmg best..

  • admin


    thanks for liking suria fm

  • muhammad fakrulrazi


    AsSalam & slmt pagi utk semua pndgr SuriaFm online. semoga sihat2 hendaknya.
    seronok dgr celoteh kak Adibah pagi2 camni….
    mmg menceriakan sgttttt2 ….. hehehe :) :) :)

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