Express News Urdu Live


Express News Urdu Live TV

Express News Urdu Live TV

Express News is one of  the famous News Channel of Pakistan.  maintained by the creators of Daily Express , which is an Urdu Newspaper published in many cities of Pakistan

Express news , Covers both print and electronic media in urdu and English languages and the channels  are  Express News and Express 24/7 respectively. Express has wide range of top rated TV programs watch by million of Pakistani every day. To Stay updated with latest news and event people often watch express news on their television , but now it is easy to watch this TV channel online .
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You can watch Express News Urdu Live on this website.. just wait few seconds  the streaming of Web TV will play automatically
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Disclaimer: This website is  using third party streaming service to provide live broadcast of Express News TV Channel is not responsible for any consequences in any way. If you have any concern in this regard please contact  at ghaz.78  @ or comment below

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  • jan daryll



    • Malik Ahsan ul haq


      Goverment of pakistan must sbey the order of suprime court for sake of Pakistan

      Malik Ahsan ul haq Jeddaha K.S.A

  • badar


    pakistani awam say guzarish hay k tmam log ramend davis ke ibratnak moot k lya aik jan ho jaen

    • ya


      Ji bilkul hum zaroor dua karein ge or poori koshish karen ge remand davis ko marne ki

  • imran ali


    Ma ye kehoun Ga. Ab wakt aa giya hai k , pakistan tamam log ikhty ho jyn , zurort es amar ki hai ,



  • faras shah


    i request all friend they prayer for hiz bullah becoz he fight only terrorist country isrial .hizbullah is shia but he help his sunni muslim brothers,not same terrorist al-quida ,lashkar jhanghvi, talbaan devil ,sheytaan sipha sahab tanzeem ,these r only kill muslims,becoz they agent of usa , isrial, and india,lannat ho ain sab par
    labbik ya hussain as
    sunni shia bhai bhai

    • ch.Rafaqat warrich


      bhai aap bilkul thek kehte hai ppp walo ne jis tarah lot maar ki hui hai is ki history main kahi b massal nahi milti meri nawaz sharif se guzarish hai k in ppp walo ko isi ubrat naak saza de k dobara koi chor is tara se pakistan ko lotne ki koshish na kre ppp walo ne alekshion k baad baag jana hai meri guzarish hai k in ko baagne na dia jaye in se loti hui raqam wapis li jae aur saza b di jae

  • Muhibbi Insaniath


    First to be come o good human then u will automatically become a good Muslim. If have not love for human then how the creature will love you. Lets to love each and every person of this world. Because this is the symptom of a human that they will love each other. While generally animal not love each other but only at the time of sex.
    Try to become a good human not a animal.


  • junaid


    lagta hai muje ana pare ga seyasat mai

    salo ne pore mulak ka bera garak kar diya hai.



    Allah Pkistan k halat pr rham frma (AMIN)

  • khalid mahmood


    sirf imran khan is mulk ko sidi rah pr la skta hi

  • Qurban Hussain


    I have today seen news clip on express news about Imran Khan tour of rural area. But the anchors totaly told lies on the news clip say there was some sort of trouble on the stage and that Imran Khan had thrown his kolla of and left the stage in anger. This was total distortion of the fact he had finished his speech and handed his kolla to a person to make quick exit by jumping of the stage to get on with his tour to aviod being held up by people. Your channel gave totaly false impression of the event. Please do try to be factual and not make thing up.

  • saif wato


    inshallah we youngers bring change in Pk

  • Rana Asrar


    Is mulk mn ager koi taraqi la sakta ha to vo ha Nawaz shareef jis ko kuch na kuch awam ki soch ha

  • ali khan


    Allah Pkistan k halat pr rham frma (AMIN)

  • ali khan


    koi friend friend ship karna chahta hy

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