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Radio Borders LogoRadio Borders is local commercial popular radio station in the region, almost 57% of total population of their country are engaged in listening this station broadcasting from Scottish Borders and North Northumberland in Scotland from the studios of Tweedbank, just outside Galashiels and owned by Baeur Radio. It was established in 22nd January, 1990. It plays weather report, travel, sports, entertainment shows, hourly news & adult contemporary programmes. Approximately 62,000 adults listen this station every week hence it is listed in top 20 radio stations in UK. It is famous in the parts of Scotland, Scottish Borders and North Northumberland.

Radio Boarders Frequencies

Below are the frequencies of this radio station:

  • 96.8 MHz
  • 102.3 MHz
  • 103.4 MHz
  • 103.1 MHz

News Transmission

It broadcast hourly news throughout the daytime, as well as plays local news at 7.30am, 8.30am, 4.30pm and 5.30pm.

Below are the names of the journalist who dedicate news:

  • Ryan Gilbert
  • Beccy Jardine
  • Greg Maxwell
  • Clare Reilly
  • Paul Robertson
  • Max Steele


A UK based company Bauer Radio. It had owned many other stations (above 200 in United Kingdom). Previously it obtained Scottish Radio Holdings in 21st June, 2005. Bauer bought EMAP Consumer Media and EMAP Radio in 2008 (start).

Radio Borders Live Stream – Listen 96.8 FM Online

Below is the streaming of this radio station, click play button to play the stream.

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