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Cool FM UK Listen Live

Cool FM LogoCool FM or Cool 97.4 is the UK’s most popular commercial radio stations continuing its broadcasts from Greater Belfast of Northern Ireland in United Kingdom and using the slogan “Your Music Now!”. This was first on aired and transmitted its real broadcasting on 7 February 1990 (also known as the ancient radio of Belfast). It is listened and enjoyed by 430,000+ audiences. A large variety of music is transmitted through this station. All shows are popular but the breakfast show of Cool 97.4 is most listened. Nowadays it plays cool latest fast music and songs. The station is fully transmitted in International English (UK) Language. It delivers a lot of trusted news to the listeners. Cool FM is also very popular in social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter.

Cool FM Live Streaming – Listen 97.4 FM Online Radio

Below is the live streaming of Cool FM, please wait a while the stream loads after clicking the play button.