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Dj Mmani FM 97 Islamabad


Dj mMani FM 97 Islamabad

DJ MmaniImran Hassan (mMani) is one of the most popular radio Dj on FM 97 Islamabad , according to his offical facebook page “Imran Hassan .. an ambitious child.. a good student ..a beloved son and a honest and hard working professional..thats all wat i know about him. djmmani@live.com
He Loves to live his own world, .. knows the life’s reality..and that is his ultimate gain..he is happy on”

He also works in PTV as ” news anchor” , mostly in bulletin of 9:00 PM Night time .

Dj Mmani Songs

He also sung some songs like naataty , Naina etc  you can watch below

Dj mmani Show Timing

show timings are Friday And Saturday Nite 12 am to 3 AM JAGOO Family with mMani!.