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Pakcikku FM Radio Radio Pakcikku FM launched on April 12, 2013 is an entertainment station that has nothing to do with big radio guns and competing environment created by the mainstream Malay channels. Dj RiMyms is the founder of the station. Malay and Indonesian Pop and Rock with other music genres bring a special joy for the fans of online internet radio. The channel is looking for new faces and talents who are interested to be part of the team. With all the state of art equipment and advanced gadgets, every broadcasting passionate is more than welcome to join the Pakcikku and seek the opportunity. Applicants must be 20 years old or above before getting ready to take the mic. Fans can have on official site a lot of music things like Calendar, Chat Box, temperature app, visitor counter, Infor Solat, live traffic feed and more fun and excited stuff. Here is the website: http://radiopakcikkufm.blogspot.com/

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Dino Asha Adeq Isliha Papaii
Ecah DJ Bad Qaseh Atie Que Ain