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DurianASEAN MalaysiaDurianAsean launched on March 8, 2014 is a Malaysian internet radio station that covers the political, economic and socio-cultural developments in the ASEAN region; the very pillars of the progress and development in the region. DurianAsean is headquartered in Taman Megah, Petaling Jaya. The Voice of Discovery and Sharing is the tagline used by the Durian. The forum plays a pivotal role in cooperation between the member Southeast Asian States. Targeted audience of the Durian comes from English speaking group in a region that has a population of 600 million. Around 65% of the listeners of the Durian are based in New Zealand, Australia, European Union and North America.

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More About Durian

Durian transcending the boundaries was awarded with Gawad ASEANO in event held by an association in Philippines. ASEAN affairs and matters, civil society topics, current affairs and the viral stories (if they really have an impact) are a part of regular debates hosted and moderated by the team at station. Programs like ASEAN Breakfast Call, Breakfast Show, news commentary, interviews, discussions and dialogues with the experts of regional, strategic, social and economic affairs are produced at the studios which have an impact on the educated masses, Young leaders, and ASEAN communities across the world as it increases there awareness and helps them having their own views and points on the ASEAN Matters. Durian wants to be the #1 ASEAN media with a Non-Conformist approach, being independent, having integrity and transparency in its propagation and the ideas it disseminate. Promoting ASEAN Economic Community (AEC) and establishing a comprehensive media representing the ten ASEAN nations is the mission of the Durian. Audiences on the official webpage can have videos, galleries, events, interviews, podcasts, Opinions (Editorial, Guest Writers, Asean Strategic Force etc.) and some good info about Asean and its work. Listeners may connect with the Durian using Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram and registering on Asean Strategic Force portal. Mandarin Media and Nusantara Media are available can also be accessed via official website. Here is the website: Durian official





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