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Tropic FM 91.3

Tropic FM Haiti Tropic FM 91.3 signed on air on March 31, 1991 and broadcasts on FM band @ 91.3 throughout the Republic of Haiti. The multi-ethnicity of the Haitian population allows Tropic FM 91.3 political, social and cultural cohesion by promoting programs and music considering and binding the diverse community. The radio is also intended to be a thematic radio for educational purposes centered on the family, health, environment, sport, agriculture and a media that respects Haitian law and institutions.

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More About Tropic 91.3 FM

The objective of Tropic FM 91.3 is to reach the greatest number of Haitians, by offering them information and reflection as much as possible adapted to the moral needs and the cultural, political, social, and linguistic realities in which they evolve. The programs aim to highlight family-centered moral and human values. Its role will be to help the Haitian Youth and other age groups evolving in Haiti to find respect. You can listen the station online on www.tropicfmhaiti.com and also using AudioNow number: 712 432 7031. The site has for its audiences podcasts, videos, musique and more. Follow the station on Facebook, YouTube and Twitter.

Tropic 91.3 Programmation

Reprise FAS À FAS Reprise d’une emission Variété musicale du dimanche Cloture
ESPACE VÉRITÉ with Jean Oreste Morin MICRO PERSONALITÉ with Daniel St Hilaire et invites Journal creole SAMEDI EN FOLIE with Dj
Ouverture variété musicale REVUE DE LA SEMAINE FAS À FAS with Astrel Jn Brice VARIETE MUSICALE
Ouverture variété musicale MINUTE TECHNOLOGIE Retro Français


Address: 6, Ave John Brown, Lalue 3rd Floor Port-au-Prince, Haiti

Tel: 305 400 1015

509 2224 0571

Email: tropicradio@yahoo.fr



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