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Radio Télé Africa Port-de-PaixRadio Télé Africa 98.9 FM (RTA) broadcasts local Cap Haitien actualités, national and international news, Nouvelles, stories form Grand Nord, Religious programs. Current affairs debates, cultural and entertainment programming and musique also makes it to the broadcasts. Un Choix Haïtien is the catchphrase of the Caribbean-African channel. You can listen Radio Tele Africa 98.9 online with Les derniers ajouts, Les plus populaires, Auteur vedette, Les mieux notes and more. If you are in USA or Canada you can get access to the FM via AudioNow number: 213 493 0153. Connect with the station through Facebook, YouTube and Twitter. Here is the website: www.radioteleafrica.com

Listen Radio Télé Africa 98.9 FM Port-de-Paix, Haiti Online

Listen Radio Télé Africa 98.9 live from Cap-Haïtien/Port-de-Paix. Stream may take a moment to load.

Garder l’ecoute! to our site.


Address: 20, Rue 24 F à l’angle, Cap-Haitien HAITI

Tel: 509 2816 3131/2816 2727

Email: mgattereau@hotmail.co


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