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Radio Nouvelle Vision Chrétienne Gonaïves - RNVRadio Nouvelle Vision Chretienne 89.7 (RNV) established in May 2002 by Kinsky Wisline in Gonaïves is a purely evangelical station using the FM band to broadcast to the city of Gonaives. Une Station, Une Vision is the slogan of the FM. The channel celebrated its 15 anniversary in May 2017. It believes in Jesus Christ as the only Savior of humanity and preaches His coming and His coming return.

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Listen Radio Nouvelle Vision Chretienne 89.7 FM Gonaïves, Haiti Online

Listen Radio Nouvelle Vision Chrétienne 89.7 FM (RNV) live from Gonaïves.

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Do you know that the majority of people who give up their dreams no longer manage to blossom and are tortured by remorse? The LORD says, “The things that I will show you will come, but only at the appointed moment. They will soon be realized, it is not a lie. Wait with confidence, even if it’s long. Yes, for sure, they will arrive without delay. “- Habakkuk 2: 3 Take back that dream that you have set aside and be confident, for God Himself will lead you there. Radio NVS is proud of its evangelical character and the service its brining to the people of Gonaïves and Haiti. You can listen the Word of God, Gospel and Evangelical stuff online and would find Radio Nouvelle Vision Chretienne 89.7 on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and YouTube. Audiences from United States can use AudioNow numbers 712 432 7834 and 832 551 5047 to receive the RNV 89.7. Here is the website: www.radionvc.net/



Address: 119 bis Ruelle Edmond Lorquet Descahos Gonaïves, Haïti

Tel: 781 469 3542

Email: jdanachy@gmail.com




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