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Radio Carida FM 88.5


Radio Carida FM 88.5 HaitiCarida FM 88.5 was launched on April 3, 2011 six years ago to promote the national and international Haitian culture. un nom une femme une radio is the catchphrase of the station. Audiences can have multiple lists 24×7 with local and cultural news and all they want to listen about Haiti. Cagura Louissaint is the Director while Ancelo Orisma and Gregory Saieh are having the roles of Program director and Administrators respectively. In a competitive environment the FM 88.5 is offering its listeners educational, social and cultural programming with some very qualified and educated staff. Radio Carida FM 88.5 is available on AudioNow @ 712 432 7851 and can be received via smartphone apps of google and iPhone. You can contact with the channel on Facebook and Twitter. Here is the website: www.caridafm.com


Listen Radio Carida FM 88.5 Saint Marc

Listen Radio Carida 88.5 online from Saint Marc. Haiti. Stream may take a moment to load.


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Carida Animateurs

Roselande Macajoux

Beril Orisma

Gaby Orisma





Address: Saint Marc, Haïti

Tel: 712 432 7851

        509 3706 3860

        509 3704 3574

Emails: caguralouissaint@caridafm.com



Hot 105.5 FM


CKQK-FM Prince Edward Island - The New Hot 105.5 Hot 105.5 FM Charlottetown, PEI legally recognized as CKQK-FM is an English language commercial station based in Charlottetown, PE. The Top 40 and Pop format station launched on July 25, 2006 and owned by Newcap Radio is a sister station of CHTN-FM. PEI’s #1 Hit Music Station is the tagline of the Hot 105.5. CRTC gave the approval of the station offering Classic Rock dating back to 90’s, 80’s, 70’s, 60’s and beyond on March 24, 2006; the frequency and ERP proposed were MHz and 100,000 watts respectively. However upon the advice of CRTC, CKQK chose 105.5 MHz as its frequency n July 2006 with a wattage of 33,000. K-Rock 105.5 (CKQK) was briefly launched from its base studios at 90 University Avenue after a signal test on July 25. The audiences reached by the channel were between the ages of 25 and 44.

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Listen Hot 105.5 FM Charlottetown, PEI Online

Welcome to The New Hot 105.5! Listen 105.5  FM Charlottetown (CKQK-FM), PEI’s #1 Hit Music Station live from Prince Edward Island. Wait as the player loads the stream.

More About Hot 105.5 (CKQK)

The relay transmitters CKQK-FM-1 (103.7 FM) and CKQK-FM-2 (91.1 FM) were added at Elmira and St. Edward respectively in 2009 post the clearance of CRTC on January 19, 2009. K-Rock 105.5 was rebranded as Hot 105.5 FM between in 2011. In 2012 the channel’s format was changed from active rock to Contemporary Hit Radio (CHR). Islanders can listen to the Hot 105.5 through webcast with a lot of cool and fun stuff, WIN contests ($1,000 Hot Hit!, Bell Aliant Centre Birthday Pool Party, Pizza Delight 1911 Jail Pizza Party), events and community things (Leave the Phone Alone, School Shoutouts, Hot Marathoner of the week, Fall Line Dancing: Mount Edward Road and others), concerts information, music and more. Fans may follow the CKQK 105.5 FM on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Here is the website: Hot 105.5 CKQK-FM Charlottetown

CKQK Programs

Hot 6 @ 7 90’s @ 9 The New Hot 1055 Trending Track
Saturday Night Throwdown Interviews

CKQK Hosts

Nevena DJ Mason Hot Dan Laura Woodworth
Shaugn Best Matt Macleod Stephanie Mueller


Address: 176 Great George Street

Charlottetown, PEI

C1A 4K9

Tel: 902 569 1003

Fax: 902 569 8693

Email: jevans@newcap.ca


Spud 102 FM


Spud 102.1 FM Summerside, Prince Edward IslandSpud 102 FM Summerside, PE launched in 1927 as CHGS and CJRW in November 1948 is an adult contemporary station operating in the region of Prince Edward Island. CJRW-FM is the legal name or call-signs of the channel. Your community, Your Radio Station is the slogan of the Spud 102. CHGS in 1927 would broadcast at 1120 AM before switching to 1450 and 1480 in 1934 and 1941 respectively. The owner Charles H. Llewellyn in 1947 applied for a 250 w station in Summerside, however the application was entertained by CBC after the CHGS was voluntarily ceased by owner. CJRW was officially launched on November 17, 1948 at 1240 kHz. By the year 1957 CJRW became an unaffiliated and fully independent station owned by The Gulf Broadcasting Co. Ltd.

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Listen Spud 102 FM Summerside, PE Online

Listen Spud 102.1 FM Summerside, Prince Edward Island. Wait as the stream loads.

More About Spud 102.1 PEI

The Effective radiated power was increased for day and night times from 250 to 1,000 watts in March and December of 1984. CJRW earned the Gold Ribbon Award for its services to community in 1985. In 1999 Spud 102 shifted to FM band and would now operate on 102.1 MHz using an average ERP of 11,000 watts broadcasting local news, spoken word programs, local music and more. In November 1999 the channel was branded as C102. Maritime Broadcasting Co. Ltd. acquired the 92.9% shares The Gulf Broadcasting Co. Ltd. and thus took over CJRW-FM in March 2002. The format was changed from country to Classic rock and branding from C102 to Spud FM in September 2006. Classic Hits was the news format hosted at Spud 102 in 2007. CRTC renewed the license of the station in March 2012 until August 31, 2019. In August 2013 the format once again flipped to Hot AC. Audiences can listen to the Spud 102.1 online with contests (Spud Birthday & Anniversary Bunch), playlists, events (Kensington Playgroup, Story Time), community things (The News Boss, Yard Sales, Summerside teams up with go! PEI) and more. Fans may follow the station on Facebook and Twitter Here is the website: Spud 102.1 FM Summerside, PEI


Mornings with Julia Top 6@6
Gold Rush Sports Round-up with Paul M.


Address: SPUD 102

763 Water Street

Summerside, PE C1N 4J3

Tel: (902) 436-2202

+1 902-888-2579

Email: matthew.clark@mbsradio.com


Ocean 100 FM


Ocean 100.3 FM Prince Edward Island - CHTN-FM PEIOcean 100 FM Charlottetown, PE legally known as CHTN-FM and established on December 25, 1974 is a Classic Hits format station serving the audiences of Prince Edward Island. Ocean 100.3 broadcasts hits from 90’s, 80’s, 70’s and beyond for the oldies fans and classic music lovers. Newcap Radio is currently the owner of FM airing at a frequency of 100.3 MHz and using an average Effective radiated power of 33 KWs. The history of the station goes back to 1974 when Northumberland Broadcasting Co. Ltd. got the approval to set up an AM station at Charlottetown using a frequency and ERP of 10,000 watts. Initially owing to some lack of resources and complications in transmitter site, the channel went on air using a wattage of only 1000 w just to start the Christmas transmission and celebrations on the Island. However in 1975 the Ocean 100.3 was fully active with the originally authorized power of 10,000 watts.

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Listen Ocean 100.3 FM Charlottetown, PE Online

Listen Ocean 100.3 FM live from Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island. Wait as the stream gets loaded in the player.

More About Ocean 100.3

In the next couple of years in 1977, 79, 81 and 82 the share transfer were approved by CRTC and applied. The frequency flip was made by Ocean 100.3, switching form 1,190 kHz to 720 kHz in June 1987 after the approval of CRTC while CRTC was decreased to 7,500 watts at night. Frequency change proved quite viable and the Ocean 100.3 can be had across Prince Edward Island, a part of NS (Nova Scotia) and quite into NB (New Brunswick). In March 2006 CRTC allowed NewCap open a new English language FM in Charlottetown which would replace the CHTN-AM broadcasting classic hits and oldies to the audiences at 100.3 MHz. Moreover, CHTN-FM would be bound to air public service announcements, traffic updates, weather reports, tourist guides and more as did by the former CHTN AM station. The band switch was made on July 5, 2006 with a format shift to Oldies. The news studios and offices were now moved to 90 University Avenue. The transmitters CHTN-FM-1 at Elmira on frequency of 99.9 MHz and CHTN-FM-2 St. Edward at 89.9 MHz on January 19, 2009 using an effective radiated power of 990 and 1,600 watts respectively were permitted by CRTC. CRTC renewed the license of the Ocean 100 FM and all its repeaters in August 2012 until August 31, 2013. Fans can get the webcast live through the official site with news, weather updates, local information, entertainment fees, Playlists, photos, contests (On The Air & In The Air, Tune-Up Tuesdays with Down East Auto Parts, Water Cooler Question, Win with KFC), community events and things like Volunteer of the Week, Ocean 100 Reminding you to Shop Local, We Love PEI Fall Flavours at Ocean 100, Send us a celebration announcement, PEI Pipeline with Kerri-Winne, PEI Marathon, Run for the Cure and more. You may also the follow the Ocean 100 FM on Facebook, Twitter and Soundcloud. Here is the website: Ocean 100.3 FM (CHTN)

Hosts and Programs

Gerard Murphy Scott Chapman
Star Tracks Ocean 100’s People Prank
Kirk Mackinnon Angela McNally
Saturday Retro Afternoon The Music We Play!
Corey Tremere Keri Wynne Mac


Address: 176 Great George Street

Charlottetown, PEI

C1A 4K9

Tel: 902 569 1003

Fax: 902 569 8693

Email: ctremere@newcap.ca


CBC Radio One 96.1 FM Charlottetown (CBCT)


CBCT-FM PEI - CBC Radio One Prince Edward IslandCBC Radio One 96.1 FM Charlottetown, PE launched in 1977 is a CBC station broadcasting News and Talk to the audiences of Charlottetown. CBCT-FM was initially meant to replace the CBA repeater in Moncton, NB and CFCY 630. The ERP used to serve the Prince Edward Island would be 93,500 watts while studios and offices of CBCT Television will have CBCT-FM 96.9. In July 1985 the frequency of the CBC Radio One 96.1 was changed from 96.9 to 96.1 MHz with wattage changing from 93,500 to 100,000 w. On September 1, 1997 the network was renamed as CBC Radio One. 25 hours of local programing/week was set to air as of 2001 records.


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Listen CBC Radio One 96.1 FM (CBCT) Charlottetown, PE Online

Listen CBC Radio One 96.1 (CBCT-FM) live from Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island. Wait as the stream loads.


More About CBC Radio One 96.1 (CBCT)

A rebroadcast transmitter in January 2007 was permitted to set up in St. Edward at 101.1 MHz with an ERP of 1,910 watts. In the August of the same year another relay transmitter was allowed to launch at Elmira using a frequency of 92.3 MHz with an average power (wattage) of 940 watts; the FM would fill the empty transmission lines in the eastern tip of PEI including Souris which is at remote location. CBCT-FM Charlottetown, CBCT-FM-1 92.3 and CBCT-FM-2 101.1 Elmira were renewed on May 28, 2013 to August 31, 2018. Audiences can find the local, national and international news, sports stories, weather reports, cultural and entertainment programs and more. You can follow the CBC Radio One 96.1 on Facebook and Twitter. Here is the website: CBC Radio One 96.1 Charlottetown


Address: 430 University Avenue

P.O. Box 2230

Charlottetown, P.E.I.

C1A 8B9

Tel: 902 629 6400

902 629 6402

Fax: 902 629 6518

Email: cbcnewsvancouver@cbc.ca




Q 93.1 FM Charlottetown, PEI - Q 93.1 Prince Edward IslandQ93 (CHLQ-FM) Charlottetown, PE launched in March 1982 is a Mainstream Rock station owned by Maritime Broadcasting System. The Island’s Rock is the catch-phrase used by the Q93. CFCY Ltd., a division of Eastern Broadcasting Co. Ltd. and the very first owner was granted approval to launch a station using frequency 93.1 MHz and wattage 25,000 watts. The transmissions would include a country music format with news and information content. Q93 was the seventh launch of the Eastern Broadcasting in March 1982 and was branded as Q-93. In August of the same year Gerald L. Kennedy acquired the Q93 from CFCY Ltd. just to add a new subsidiary to Eastern Broadcasting. In December 1986 Eastern Broadcasting Co. Ltd. was sold out to Maritime Broadcasting Co. Ltd.

Full List of PEI and Canadian FM and AM Radios

Listen Q93 (CHLQ-FM) Charlottetown, PE Online

Listen Q93.1 FM live from Charlottetown, PEI.  Wait as the player loads the stream.

Note: Audiences have to download the VLC or Windows Media Player plugin to receive the stream because of a changed format.

More About Q93 (CHLQ-FM) Prince Edward Island (PEI)

Sports Rap, CHLQ program was allowed to issue nationwide including Six Ontario and five British Columbia stations in 1987 after the approval of CRTC. A merger amalgamated Easter Broadcasting Co. Ltd. and Maritime into a one unit: Maritime Broadcasting System Ltd. in 1988. CHLQ which was now (1989) a division of Maritime was given permissions to increase the ERP form 25,000 to 75,000 watts (went into effect in 1991) and change the transmitter installation. LMA (Local Marketing Agreement) deal was brokered between CHLQ, CHTN, and CFCY by CRTC in August to increase productivity by sharing resources via mutual cooperation. LMA between NewCap broadcasting and Maritime ended up on May 31, 2005. The format was switched from Oldies and Classic Hits to more of a Mainstream Rock/Classic Rock in 2012. CRTC renewed the license of CHLQ in December 2012 until August 31, 2019. Audiences can enjoy Classic tracks and prime cuts online with Playlists, contests (Yes or BS), events, community things (Lost and Found, Yard Sales), and more from anywhere across Canada and World. Fans may connect with the Q93 using Facebook and Twitter. Here is the website: Q93 93.1 FM (CHLQ-FM) Charlottetown, PE


Q Mornings with Joee House of Hair 90 Minute Rock Ride
Rant Line Live, Long & Loud Q Afternoons


Joee Adams Colin MacAulay
Dee Snider Nathan Knight


Address: Q93

5 Prince Street

Charlottetown, PE

C1A 4P4

Tel: 902 892 1066

Contest Line: 902 566 9191

Email: matthew.clark@mbsradio.com


95.1 FM CFCY


CFCY-FM 95.1 Charlottetown, PE95.1 FM CFCY Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island officially launched in 1925 is a country format music station owned by Maritime Broadcasting System. The Island’s Country is the slogan of the 95.1 FM CFCY. The history of the 95.1 FM traces back to 1924 when Keith S. Rogers on experimental bases started 10AS on August 15. The 10AS was renamed as CFCY after Rogers successfully got a commercial radio license from the authorities (federal government). CFCY would operate on 960 kHz with an ERP of 50 watts. The power was incremented to 100 w in 1926. CFCY would operate on behalf of Island Radio Co., the new owner. Power increases to 250 watts in 1929 and then 500 watts in 1931 with a frequency flip to 580 kHz in the same year and then 630 kHz in 1933.

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Listen 95.1 FM CFCY Charlottetown, PE Online

Listen CFCY-FM 95.1 live from Charlottetown, PEI. Wait as the stream loads.

Note: Audiences have to download the VLC or Windows Media Player plugin to receive the stream because of the unusual format.

More About CFCY-FM 95.1 Prince Edward Island

ERP got increased to 1,000 watts in 1935. Effective radiated power (day-time) advanced to 5,000 watts and CFCY became the first 5kW channel East of Toronto. Board of Governors decided to approve the Atlantic Broadcasting System in 1959 which consisted of CKCW, CHNS, CJCB, CFBC, CFCY and CFNB Moncton, Halifax, Sydney, Saint John, and Charlottetown respectively. The Trans-Canada and Dominion networks were evolved to a single whole: CBC radio service in 1962- CFCY was now a CBC affiliate station. The full-time ERP of 5,000 watts became 10,000 w in 1966. Eastern Broadcasting Co. came forward to acquire the 95.1 FM on July 8, 1971. FM 95.1 got separated from CBC in 1979; CBCT would now do the work previously done by CFCW. The Eastern Broadcasting sold out the 90% shares of the company and thus CFCY went into the share of Maritime Broadcasting Co. Ltd in December 1986. The two companies Maritime Broadcasting Co Ltd. and Eastern Broadcasting merged to form Maritime Broadcasting system Ltd. in 1988. The country music was borrowed as station’s new format from CHLQ-FM in 1991. The existing AM CFCY was converted into FM band broadcasting at 95.1 MHz with and ERP of 73,300 watts post the approval of CRTC in March 2006. FM would broadcast the country music, serving the listeners from ages 25 to 54. The average ERP was increased from 73,300 watts to 100,000 watts in July 2006. On September 1, 2006 CFCY switched from 630 AM to 95.1 FM. Listeners can have all the fun online with best Talk programs, events (Prince Edward Island International Shellfish Festival), contests ( 30 Seconds to Win!, Birthday Club, Team of the Week), playlists, community things (Yard Sales, The PEI Proud Movement, Lost and Found) and more. You may join the 95.1 FM on Facebook and Twitter. Here is the website: CFCY-FM 95.1 Charlottetown


The Eric MacEwen Radio Show Blue Grass Island Bob Kingley’s Country Top 40
CFCY Weekday Mornings with Chris Pride Maritime Centre Stage Saturday Night Hoedown


Darren MacPherson Chris Pride Bob Kingley
Eric McEwan Charlie Hansen Serge Bernard


Address: CFCY

5 Prince Street

Charlottetown, PE

C1A 4P4

Tel: 902 892 1066

Request and Contest Line: 902 566 5900

Fax: 902 566 1338

Email: matthew.clark@mbsradio.com


CBAX-FM-1 88.9 FM


Ici Musique Moncton - CBAX-FM 91.5 FM HalifaxCBAX-FM-1 88.9 FM Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island is a French language satellite station of CBAX-FM 91.5 FM Halifax, Nova Scotia. The Class C Stereo channel was launched after the approval of CRTC in May 2001 and launch of CBAX Halifax in some time in 2002. Launch of CBAX-1 was followed by a transmitter installed in Yarmouth in 2005. The retransmission of La Chaîne culturelle along with the locally produced content by Espace Musique makes the content hosted by the station.

Listen CBAX-FM-1 88.9 FM Charlottetown, PE Online

Listen CBAX-1 88.9 live from Charlottetown, Price Edward Island. Wait as the stream loads.


More FM and AM stations from Prince Edward Island and Canada

License of predominantly Classic and Jazz music station CBAX-1 with its parent and other siblings was renewed by CRTC in 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011 and lately in September 2013 validating it up to August 31, 2016. Average ERP used by the Ici Musique channel is 32,850 watts or 32.85 kw while the maximum or peak wattage is 88 kw. Audiences can have the content aired by Espace Musique online with the best music (Classsique, Jazz, Monde Country, Alternatif, Chanson and more) and cultural programs. Fans may follow the Ici Musique Moncton/91.5 FM Halifax (Espace Musique) on social media platforms including Twitter, YouTube, Instagram and Facebook. Here is the website: Ici Musique Moncton CBAX-1 88.9



Harvesters FM 91.3 (CIOG-FM)


CIOG-FM - CJLU- CITAHarvesters FM 91.3 or CIOG-FM is a Christian Contemporary radio station serving the region of Charlottetown in Prince Edward Island. International Harvesters for Christ Evangelistic Association owns the Christian Talk radio licensed in 2008. IHC, the licensee applied to CRTC for a commercial Christian radio on May 20, 2008. CITA-FM Moncton and CJLU-FM Halifax are the other Christian music broadcasters owned by IHC. The proposal included 58 hours of local content/week, reaming 42 hours would be filled by the spoken word bible and music programs at CIOG Harvesters 91.3. Out of 24 hours of spoken word programs 20 were dedicated to religious content while others were used for the balancing content. About 95% of the music aired was taken from subcategory 35 which is Non-classic religious. Special interest music (Canadian made) would also feature regularly in the music charts of CIOG.

Complete list of Prince Edward Island and Canadian Radio Stations

Listen Harvesters FM 91.3 (CIOG-FM) Charlottetown, PE Online 

Listen Harvesters FM 91.3 (CIOG-FM) live from Charlotetown, Prince Edward Island. Wait as the stream loads.


More About Harvesters 91.3 (CIOG)

The low power station initially had a wattage of 50 w. CIOG-FM-1 at Summerside is the relay transmitter launched with the main CIOG-FM at the same time in somewhere August of September of 2008. Frequency of the satellite station was changed from 91.1 MHz to 92.5 MHz in August 2010. The wattage carried by CIOG-FM 91.3 suffered an increment of 200 watts in February 2013; new ERP was 250 watts. Audiences can have the Harvesters 91.3 (CIOG) in different areas at different frequencies i.e. in Annapolis Valley at 88.3 FM, in Moncton at 105.1, in Amherst at 99.1, in Sussex at 107.3. The family radio Harvesters 91.3 (CIOG) can be listened online with music news, Harvesters FM Playlists, sales info, churches information, businesses in the localities and more. iPhone and Android apps can be downloaded from the official site to enjoy listening CIOG on the go. You can follow the Harvesters 91.3 (CIOG) on Facebook and Twitter. Here is the website: Harvesters FM 91.3 (CIOG)

Programs and Personalities at Harvesters 91.3

Road To Reality (Gospel for Asia) with Brother K P Yohannan Adventures in Odyssey Weekend Thru the Bible with J. Vernon Magee Canada’s National Bible Hour
Holy Land Moments with Rabbi Yechiel Eckstein Focus on Family with Jim Daly Back To The Bible with Dr. John Neufeld Impact Radio
Quick Study Evenings with Ken Bishop Just a Minute with Pastor Alex Rockwell Lutheran Hour with Greg Seltz and other Preachers
Haven Today Weekend Amanda Carroll Show Laugh Again with Phil Callaway Purity Products
Plugged In Daily with Bob Waliszewski Back To The Bible with Dr. John Neufeld Afternoons with Doug Hannah Lamplighter Theater
Quick Study Weekend Living Truth with Pastor Charles Price Gaither Homecoming Radio Early Morning with Theresa Ross
News with Jim Miller The Voice of Hope/Heralds of Hope Sundays with Bill Lurwick La Voix de L’Evangeline
Tom Miner – Radio Host Saturday Nights with Tom Miner In Touch Weekend Grace to You with Dr. John MacArthur
Radio Announcer – Eric Allen Morning Drive with Tom Miner Road To Reality (Gospel for Asia) with Brother K P Yohannan Haven Today
Let My People Think with Ravi Zacharias Find The Way In Touch with Dr. Charles Stanley Financial Moments with Tom Copland
Just Thinking with Ravi Zacharias Early Sunday Mornings with Melissa Stover Anchor Point Financial Moments with Tom Copland
Sky’s Revival with Tom Sky Discover the Word with Mart Dehaan and Friends Just a Minute with Pastor Alex Rockwell Turning Point with Dr. David Jeremiah
La Foi Vivifiante Weekend Magazine Weather & Traffic Radio Announcer


Address: 645 Pinewood Road, Unit 4, Riverview, N.B., E1B 5R6

Mailing Address: International Harvesters for Christ

645 Pinewood Road, Unit 4

Riverview, N.B. E1B 5R6

Tel: (506) 872-2901


Fax: (506) 872-2234

Email: harvestersoffice@gmail.com


Première Île-du-Prince-Édouard (CBAF-FM-15)


CBAF-FM-15 - Première Chaîne Charlottetown - La Premiere ChainePremière Île-du-Prince-Édouard 88.1 FM (CBAF-FM-15) is a French language station operating in Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island. Canadian Broadcasting Corporation owns the Category C public radio. 88.1 MHz channel uses an ERP of 33,500 (average) and maximum wattage of 94,200 watts. The News and Talk station “Première Île-du-Prince-Édouard” is the French arm of Ici Radio-Canada Première. Launched somewhere in 1970’s as a repeater of CBAF Moncton, the first local show at radio was hosted on October 3, 1983. By the year 1994 the channel became a completely separate station. Most of the content still hosted at the Première Île-du-Prince-Édouard (CBAF-FM-15) however is just a simulcast version of CBAF-FM-5 in Halifax, Nova Scotia. A locally produced Morning Drive Show: Le Réveil with Denis Duchesne every Monday to Friday is the one of the noteworthy programs aired at the Première Île-du-Prince-Édouard.

Full List of Radios from Prince Edward Island and Canada

Listen Première Île-du-Prince-Édouard (CBAF-FM-15) Charlottetown, PE Online

Listen Première Île-du-Prince-Édouard (CBAF-FM-15), Première Chaîne Charlottetown live from Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island. Wait as the La Premiere Chaine stream gets loaded.


More About Première Île-du-Prince-Édouard (CBAF-FM-15)

A CRTC decision is November 2005 granted CBAF-15 the permission to install relay transmitters in St. Edward and Urbainville, thus advancing its reach to remote locations. It should be noted that Première Île-du-Prince-Édouard (CBAF-FM-15) for some time had the call-letters CBAF-29 which were changed on September 1, 1989 to the current letters after the transmitter operating at 1300 AM was taken down. Listeners can find Première Île-du-Prince-Édouard (CBAF-FM-15) online with the news, sports stories, weather updates, cultural and entertainment programs and of course Le Réveil hosted by Denis Duchesne. Fans may follow the Première Chaîne Charlottetown (Première Île-du-Prince-Édouard) on Facebook and Twitter. Here is the website: Première Île-du-Prince-Édouard (CBAF-FM-15)


Le 15-18 L’heure de pointe Acadie L’heure du monde Plus on est de fous, plus on lit! Culture physique
Radio-journal Dessine-moi un dimanche Bien dans son assiette L’ascenseur pour les étoiles Faut pas croire tout ce qu’on dit
C’est toujours la même histoire Culture club La Librairie Francophone PM Au rythme des courants
Pouvez-vous répéter la question? Désautels le dimanche Médium large Bien dans son assiette Pas de midi sans info
Ici, c’est Country La tête ailleurs Quand le jazz est là… La sphère La soirée est (encore) jeune
À la semaine prochaine Par 4 chemins Euromag Le réveil / Île-du-Prince-Édouard

Les années lumière Tout un samedi La Semaine Verte Tout le monde en parle (radio)

Quand le jazz est là… La bibliothèque de René L’heure du monde Entrez pour voir!


Address: Case postale 2230

Charlottetown (Î.-P.-É.)

C1A 8B9

Tel: 800 565 5453

Email: auditoire@radio-canada.ca


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