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Univers FM 101.3


Univers 101.3 FM Haïti Univers FM 101.3 is a Port-au-Prince based music, musique talk and entertainment station broadcasting form Transmitting from Pétion-Ville, Haiti, on 101.3 FM Stereo, Universe FM is a radio specialized in the hosting of love songs, Jazz and African charts, and hits of yesterday and today. Some of the voices captured by the station include Wyclef Jean, Garcelle Beauvais, Toto Bissainthe, J.Perry, Luck Mervil and others. Listen your ultimate love radio and miss no chance to be romantic with the best and popular Haitian Creole Hits. You can enjoy the playlists online and listen the best Creole and French music using AudioNow number: 832 999 1729. Follow Univers on Facebook and Twitter. Here is the website: http://universfm.com

Univers FM 101.3 Port-au-Prine, Haïti 

Listen Univers 101.3 online from Petion Ville, Port-au-Prince, Haiti. Stream may take a moment to load.

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Email: mgattereau@hotmail.com


Radio Tele Zetwa FM


Radio Tele Zetwa FM Port-au-Prince, HaitiWith the aim of plunging into splendid thoughts of acting, Radio Tele Zetwa FM make a noble choice to highlight a spirit of creativity that is the main price to pay, just to have a radio station called Radio TV Zetwa 96.1 FM (RTZ). It remains at the service of all the classes of community. Having a very young and dynamic staff to promote Haitian culture, the channel is always involved in the social giving and living an example to better inform you on the political, social, cultural, including sports, music, humor etc. So the idea was not in vain, since it is an international station but located in Haiti in northwest of Port-au-Prince the Gonâve, always there to train you and to inform you. Zetwa is the radio of the moment!

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Listen Radio Tele Zetwa FM 96.1 La Gonâve, Haiti Online

Listen Radio Tele Zetwa FM online from Gonâve, Haiti. Wait as the player loads.

More About Radio Tele Zetwa FM 96.1

The stations vision is to bring a different touch to broadcasting in La Gonave and the northwest Department of Port-au-Prince in general. The RTZ is working day by day, more and more to offer you another image of radio broadcasting in the department. Radio Zetwa Radio 96.1 FM was established on December 31, 2015 in The Gonâve in the West Department. The business and mission of the FM is to inform, entertain, and educate the community of the Department of West through creativity, diversity and responsive communications. The station is available with their favorite Haitian talk, cultural programs, non-stop music and news that keep abreast of the activities and local scene of La Gonâve. You can listen the station online with music, blogs, videos, archives and more. AudioNow Numbers for listeners are: 701 719 2951 and 563 999 3916. Follow 96.1 FM on Facebook and Twitter. Here is the website: www.radiotelesdzetwafm.com

Programming 96.1 FM

Zetwa Blagues SD Love(Parole D’amour) Le Pluralisme Retro Vibration
Évangelique Message Zetwa Compas Show Ranmasse Dj Show
Journal Premye Okazyon Zetwa Sport Debat Reggae Zetwa Naval
Priere Midi(La Bible, Évangélisation) BouJour Le Monde(Sante,Societe, Etc.) Fans Club Bal Live
Heure Disponibles Rap triye Plis RnB and Hip Hop La Manne Du Matin





Telephone (Haiti): 011 (509) 4927 1361

3339 8448

Tel (USA): 1 (407) 844 0179

Emails: radiotelesdzetwafm@gmail.com



Trace FM 102.7


TRACE FM Haïti Trace radio 102.7 offers the best local, urban music with the best international Hip-hop and R&B sounds.  By putting all its unique expertise of musical media and by allying itself with Studio Mobile, the new radio from Haiti vows to become most listened musical station by the Haitian youth. Program lineup includes Hip-Hop, R&B, Top 40, Zouk, Dancehall, Kompa and Kizomba hits featuring local and international artists such as Niska, Kreyol LA, Rebel Layonn, Izolan and Ayiiti. TRACE 102.7 FM Haiti is the 6th FM radio under the name TRACE after Martinique, Guadeloupe, Guyana, Ivory Coast and Réunion. Find on 102.7 MHz and worldwide through the Radio mobile app launched in March 2017! You can follow your favorite Haïti station on Facebook and Twitter. Here is the website: www.ht.trace.fm

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Listen Trace FM 102.7 Haiti Online

Listen Premier Sur Les Hits (First in the Hits). Stream may take a moment to load.

Radio Tele SD FM


Radio Tele SD Haiti Radio Tele SD 105.1 FM launched on Jan 1, 2016 is a radio station with politico-commercial character broadcasting Evangelical, ethnic and family-oriented programming for the audiences of Port-de-Paix. Stevens Desrosier is the director general of the station. You can listen the channel at 105.3 and online with gospel and word of God. AudioNow live listening number is 641 552 5895. Follow the station on Facebook and Twitter. Here is the website: www.radiotvsdfm.com

Listen Radio Tele SD FM 105.3 Port-de-Paix, Haiti

Ecoute en Direct. Stream may take a moment to load.


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Tel: 407 844 0179


Email: radiotelesdfm@gamil.com


Radio Pacific


Radio Pacific Gabart Pétion-Ville, Port-au-PrinceRadio Pacific is an Internet station that comes up with the daily dose of music for its passionate listeners from Gabart Pétion-Ville and across Haiti. The channel has a whole list of listeners’ interest programming appealing the listeners of all the ages. The content inlcudes actualité, economie, société, culture, sport and programming targeted to diaspora. You can enjoy the online the station affiliated with Le National. Here is the website: www.lenational.org

Listen Radio Pacific Ville de Pétion-Ville, Haiti

Listen Radio Pacific live from Gabart, Port-au-Prince. Wait as the stream loads.




Address: 10, Rue Gabart Pétion-Ville, Haiti (509)4610-1010

Email: info@lenational.ht

Radio Sentinelle


Radio Sentinelle FM HaitiRadio Sentinelle 93.9 FM is a Haitian religious music station broadcasting from South Florida. Radio Sentinelle Haiti 93.9 FM is a private Haitian broadcasting company that is the sole proprietor, commercial, cultural and religious station launched after the approval of Haitian government on November 6, 1979. It functions as a ministry and Christian instrument of evangelical communication at the service of local churches and ecclesiastical institutions in Haiti for the propagation of the faith and for the propagation and promotion of the gospel of Jesus Christ. Haitian-American Gospel Voice of South Florida can be listened online. Follow the channel on Facebook and Twitter. Here is the website: www.radiosentinelle.com

Listen Radio Sentinelle 93.9 FM Port-au-Prince, Haiti

Player may take sometime to load.



Address: 1317 NE 4th Ave

Fort Lauderdale, Florida

Tel: +1 954 462 2283

Email: info@agape-centre.com

Radio Tele Energie 101.7 FM


Energie FM HaitiRadio Tele Energie 101.7 FM (Chaine 58) Port-au-Prince broadcasts the latest local news, sports updates, political news, social events, culture and musical programming. Energie FM is a not-for-profit media for youth providing a blend of all good things i.e. music, entertainment, sports talk. Here is the website: http://www.radioteleenergie.com


Listen Radio Tele Energie 101.7 FM Port-au-Prince, Haiti

Stream may take a moment to load.




Address: 42 Ave Magloire Ambroise Port-au-Prince, Haïti

Tel: 509 37 76 75 08

        011 509 34540430

Email: info@radioteleenergie.com


Radio Haiti Tropical


Radio Haiti Tropical AM 1440 Orlando, FLRadio Haiti Tropical 1480 AM Ocoee broadcasting since 2009 is a Haitian news and Evangelical community radio for Diaspora living Orlando, FL and other parts of the world. To get to Haiti and listen to all the French stuff and connect with the roots is not so easy when you are living an American dream. Everything from music, to sports and American culture could not necessary but quite possibly be an impediment to hear what is going on in Caribbean. The French language station broadcasts ample news bulletins, Haitian music and updates the expatriates with the domestic events back home. Central Florida as everyone knows is like a second home to Haitians, so the channel has all that matters to the Haitian Americans including Haitian business and travel info and more. Listeners of the radio include expatriates, students, immigrants and anyone who has some sort of connection with Haiti. The Radio Haiti 1480 AM has something for everyone listening to it. You can listen Radio Haiti Tropical online with news and weather updates, music and entertainment, sports updates, health, education, religious/Evangelical content and human interest programming online. Follow the Radio AM 1480 and AM 1440 on Facebook, SoundCloud and Twitter. Here is the website: www.radiohaititropical.com

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Listen Radio Haiti Tropical 1480 AM Ocoee, FL Online

Listen Radio Haiti Tropical AM 1480 – AM 1440 live from Ocoee/Orlando, Florida. Stream may take a moment to load.

More About Radio Haiti Tropical 1480 AM

Radio Haiti Tropical 1480 AM Programmation

Actualités – Débats Show Evangélique Bal du Samedi Soir Community Guidance / Business Show
Suze Show / Multiservice Information Gilgal Church à l’antenne (Service Eglise Adventiste) Family Medical Show Boss Nènè Show
Histoire Tropical Pasteur Cadet Timoun Jodi Granmoun Demen Brase Lide
Église de Dieu de la Prophétie Haïti Diaspora Xcelcior business Show Nouvelles
Tropical en Rose Tropical Info Variété Music Show Tropical Love
Love connection Musiques Emission Evangélique Dynamic Service Show
Eglise Beraka à l’antenne La Bible vous parle De Je Kontre Reprise Business Promotion
Musique Évangélique Matin Tropical Duvet Financial Show Vwa Provens yo
Reprise Brase Lide Eva Show Tele Anacaona Show Sister Martha Show / Natural Medicine
Tap Tap Multiservices Show Tropical Référence Rencontre Matinale – Émission évangélique Ambiance Tropical
Église de Dieu de la Prophétie 2ème Eglise Nazaréen Libre d’Orlando Entrepreneur Show Sora Variete
1ère Édition Nouvelle Sport Nouvelle Magazine Sport
Comedy Show Radio Haiti Tropical Ministry Prière du Midi

Radio Haiti Tropical 1480 AM Animateurs

Richard Dejin Pierre Richard Valmi Frantzky Jean Rossener
Claude Larousse Paul Ignace Janvier Siter Suze Vita
Frère Arly Jean Dady Siméon Watson Phanor Sister Soraya
Nicodème Rémy alias Captain Nico Roland Pasteur Oscar Rossener Jean Pierre
Reverend Alvest Jimmy Menard Pasteur Robert Yves Monplaisir
Sister Martha Pasteur Oscar Reynold Martine Menard
Sister Edwidge Jaguar Moïse St-Hilaire Jean Robert Pierre Louis
Jean Pierre Prof. Richmond Chares Duvet Brother Isaac
Père Farinay Laundry Charlie Victor Louis


Address: 749 South Bluford Avenue

Ocoee, FL 34761

Tel: 407 877 3300

407 431 2409

Email: radiohaititropical@yahoo.com




Radio Acropole


Radio CANAL+HAITIRadio Acropole is a Port-au-Prince, Haiti based internet radio broadcasting diverse range of programs. The music and programs presented here entertain and educate the listeners making it a compelling choice. Cultural programs are the most attracting ones for Haitian Diaspora around the world. DIASPORAMA, as its name indicates, is a platform conceived mainly for the Haitian people who live around the world, by CANAL+HAITI, in order to better know each other and to be known, better to know their country of origin, better understand the environment, to be understood on both sides and serve as a compass for those living on or outside the Haitian soil. DIASPORAMA is also a space to discover Haitians who perform or underperform in the social, political, economic, sports and cultural lives. You can listen the station online with a lot of blogs if you want to make some good reads during listening. Follow the Acropole on Facebook and Twitter. Here is the website: www.diasporamahaiti.blogspot.com

Listen Radio Acropole Port-au-Prince Online

Listen Radio Acropole online from Port-au-Prince, Haiti. Stream may take a moment to load.


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Tel: 509 43 89 00 02

Email: diasporamayiti@gmail.com

4VEE Radio Citadelle


Radio Citadelle Cap-Haïtien, Haiti4VEE Radio Citadelle The Haiti radio station that provides the latest news, culture, politics, sports news, tourist information and Haitian music to its audiences. Music is covered by the playlists of top artists including R&B, Latina, Soft Rock, Compas, Meringue, Kompa and others. Owned by its community the channel broadcasts some best programs for the Haitian folks living in Port-de-Paix and Cap-Haïtien. Follow the station on Facebook and Twitter. Here is the website: https://www.radiocitadellehaiti.net/

Listen 4VEE Radio Citadelle 91.1 FM Cap-Haïtien Online

Wait as the stream loads.


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Address: Radio 4VEE, Cap-Haïtien, Haïti

Tel: 509 4342 71 82

Email: radiohaiti3@gmail.com

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