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Radio Intrepide


Radio Intrepide 97.3 FM Port-de-Paix, HaitiRadio Intrepide 97.3 FM brings its audiences varied content be it music, talk or any type of programming. The station broadcasting from Gonaïves airs best hits from Caribbean, Clabical, news, sports, cultural and arts content for its audiences. You can listen your favorite internet musique and news talk station online. Get social using Facebook and Twitter. Here is the website: www.radiointrepidehaiti.com

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Listen Radio Intrepide 97.3 FM Port-de-Paix/Gonaïves, Haiti Online

Listen Radio Intrepide 4VJD 97.3 FM live from Port-de-Paix. Wait a few seconds as the stream gets loaded.


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Radio Nouvelle Vision


Radio Nouvelle Vision Chrétienne Gonaïves - RNVRadio Nouvelle Vision Chretienne 89.7 (RNV) established in May 2002 by Kinsky Wisline in Gonaïves is a purely evangelical station using the FM band to broadcast to the city of Gonaives. Une Station, Une Vision is the slogan of the FM. The channel celebrated its 15 anniversary in May 2017. It believes in Jesus Christ as the only Savior of humanity and preaches His coming and His coming return.

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Listen Radio Nouvelle Vision Chretienne 89.7 FM Gonaïves, Haiti Online

Listen Radio Nouvelle Vision Chrétienne 89.7 FM (RNV) live from Gonaïves.

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Do you know that the majority of people who give up their dreams no longer manage to blossom and are tortured by remorse? The LORD says, “The things that I will show you will come, but only at the appointed moment. They will soon be realized, it is not a lie. Wait with confidence, even if it’s long. Yes, for sure, they will arrive without delay. “- Habakkuk 2: 3 Take back that dream that you have set aside and be confident, for God Himself will lead you there. Radio NVS is proud of its evangelical character and the service its brining to the people of Gonaïves and Haiti. You can listen the Word of God, Gospel and Evangelical stuff online and would find Radio Nouvelle Vision Chretienne 89.7 on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and YouTube. Audiences from United States can use AudioNow numbers 712 432 7834 and 832 551 5047 to receive the RNV 89.7. Here is the website: www.radionvc.net/



Address: 119 bis Ruelle Edmond Lorquet Descahos Gonaïves, Haïti

Tel: 781 469 3542

Email: jdanachy@gmail.com



Radio Télé Africa


Radio Télé Africa Port-de-PaixRadio Télé Africa 98.9 FM (RTA) broadcasts local Cap Haitien actualités, national and international news, Nouvelles, stories form Grand Nord, Religious programs. Current affairs debates, cultural and entertainment programming and musique also makes it to the broadcasts. Un Choix Haïtien is the catchphrase of the Caribbean-African channel. You can listen Radio Tele Africa 98.9 online with Les derniers ajouts, Les plus populaires, Auteur vedette, Les mieux notes and more. If you are in USA or Canada you can get access to the FM via AudioNow number: 213 493 0153. Connect with the station through Facebook, YouTube and Twitter. Here is the website: www.radioteleafrica.com

Listen Radio Télé Africa 98.9 FM Port-de-Paix, Haiti Online

Listen Radio Télé Africa 98.9 live from Cap-Haïtien/Port-de-Paix. Stream may take a moment to load.

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Address: 20, Rue 24 F à l’angle, Cap-Haitien HAITI

Tel: 509 2816 3131/2816 2727

Email: mgattereau@hotmail.co

Radio Oriental FM


Radio Oriental FM 101.9 Port-de-PaixRadio Oriental FM 101.9 Cap Haitien is a radio station broadcasting music of different styles: classical, contemporary, jazz, country and other French variants. As a community FM, it also produces programs for the Haitian community including local news, sports and weather updates. Une nouvelle facon de vivre la vie is the slogan used by the orientalists. With the strong online presence the station is available in all the communes and departments of Haiti. Enjoy the best Caribbean hits and talk. You may follow your favorite musique broadcaster on Facebook, Twitter and other social media platforms.

Listen Radio Oriental FM 101.9 Port-de-Paix, Haiti Online

Listen Oriental 101.9 live from Cap-Haïtien, Haiti. Wait as the player loads the stream.



Address: Grand Rue Cite Chauvel, Cap-Haïtien, Haïti


Tel: 786 502 9844


Email: haitech1@hotmail.com

Radio Harmonie Inter


HARMONIE FM HaitiRadio Harmonie Inter 101.5 FM is a Port-de-Paix based station broadcasting a mix of Compas, Zouk, Creole, Rap, Gospel and others. The reach of the station since its launch has grown consistently. Talent Hunt and recognition competitions with education and training is also a program initiated by the teams of the FM. The mission of the channel is to represent Haiti in International communities with distinctions and valuable contributions. Haitians from across the world may find the channel online News, Musique, Annuel Talents Competition, Videos and more. AudioNow numbers and applications for Android, iPhone and Blackberry are the other flexible options for listeners. You can join the Radio Harmonie Inter 101.5 on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. Here is the website: www.radioharmonieinter.com

Listen Radio Harmonie Inter 101.5 FM Port-de-Paix Online

Listen Harmonie Inter 101.5 FM live from Port-de-Paix. Wait as the player loads.


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Address: rue du Quai # 21 Port-de-Paix, Haiti

Tel: 561 699 4250


Email: Radioharmoniefm@gmail.com

AudioNow: 712 432 7825

Radio Classic FM


Classic FM Port-de-PaixRadio Classic FM 95.9 is a Saint-Marc based classical music station that hosts Zouk, Dancehall, Rap, Hip-hop and other Haitian music genres. Listeners can have Reggae and classics showcased at the channel. A part from airing classic hits the FM also broadcast news, sports stories, weather updates and talk programming. Photos and videos can also be find online on the official site. You can follow the channel on Facebook and Twitter. Here is the website: www.radioclassicfm.com

Listen Radio Classic FM 95.9 Saint-Marc, Haiti Online

Ecouter En Direct. Wait as the stream loads.



Address: 38 rue Petion petit bois

Saint-Marc, Haiti

Tel: +509 38 74 0491

Email: productiondjovany@yahoo.fr

Tropic FM 91.3


Tropic FM Haiti Tropic FM 91.3 signed on air on March 31, 1991 and broadcasts on FM band @ 91.3 throughout the Republic of Haiti. The multi-ethnicity of the Haitian population allows Tropic FM 91.3 political, social and cultural cohesion by promoting programs and music considering and binding the diverse community. The radio is also intended to be a thematic radio for educational purposes centered on the family, health, environment, sport, agriculture and a media that respects Haitian law and institutions.

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Listen Tropic FM 91.3 Port-au-Prince, Haiti Online

Écoutez radio Tropic FM en direct! Listen Tropic FM 91.3 live from Port-au-Prince, Haiti. Wait as the player loads.

More About Tropic 91.3 FM

The objective of Tropic FM 91.3 is to reach the greatest number of Haitians, by offering them information and reflection as much as possible adapted to the moral needs and the cultural, political, social, and linguistic realities in which they evolve. The programs aim to highlight family-centered moral and human values. Its role will be to help the Haitian Youth and other age groups evolving in Haiti to find respect. You can listen the station online on www.tropicfmhaiti.com and also using AudioNow number: 712 432 7031. The site has for its audiences podcasts, videos, musique and more. Follow the station on Facebook, YouTube and Twitter.

Tropic 91.3 Programmation

Reprise FAS À FAS Reprise d’une emission Variété musicale du dimanche Cloture
ESPACE VÉRITÉ with Jean Oreste Morin MICRO PERSONALITÉ with Daniel St Hilaire et invites Journal creole SAMEDI EN FOLIE with Dj
Ouverture variété musicale REVUE DE LA SEMAINE FAS À FAS with Astrel Jn Brice VARIETE MUSICALE
Ouverture variété musicale MINUTE TECHNOLOGIE Retro Français


Address: 6, Ave John Brown, Lalue 3rd Floor Port-au-Prince, Haiti

Tel: 305 400 1015

509 2224 0571

Email: tropicradio@yahoo.fr


Radio Nationale d’Haïti


RNH HaitiFounded in 1977, Radio Nationale d’Haïti (RNH) 105.3 & 102.1 FM is a general public radio station that broadcasts news, weather information, entertainment programs and music including hip hop, classical, dance, electronic music and various other styles live from Haiti. La voix de la nation (The Voice of the Nation) is the catchphrase used by the station. You can listen the Radio Nationale d’Haïti online with Actualité, Economie, Culture, Société, Justice, International, Sport, programmation info, taux de change, a la une, archives, videos and more. The programs include content from Salles des Nouvelles, Direction des Sports, Ministère du Tourisme, Ministère de l’Agriculture and others. Follow the RNH on Facebook and Twitter. Here is the website: www.rnhhaiti.com

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Listen Radio Nationale d’Haïti 105.3 FM Port-au-Prince, Haiti Online

Listen Radio Nationale d’Haïti (RNH) 105.3 & 102.1 FM live from Port-au-Prince, Haiti. Stream may take a moment to load.

More About Radio Nationale d’Haïti 105.3 & 102.1 FM

Radio Nationale d’Haïti 102.1 FM Programmation

Nationale aux étoiles Chansons religieuses Cercle des Poètes L’art au singulier Pluriel
Tribune Sportive Nationale Woulib Références Contes et légendes
12/Très infos Akademi kreyol Ayisyen Messe Dominicale Aktyalite 6
L’art au singulier Pluriel C’était hier Ayiti Anvi Viv (Reprise) Petit bal du samedi soir
Frekans Kominal Vodou lakay Cercle des Poètes Ann pale Touris
Ann Pale Touris Diaspolive Espas Agrikilti Akademi kreyòl ayisyen
Forum des Sports Frekans Kominal Nasyonal Hebdo

Radio Nationale d’Haïti (RNH) 105.3 & 102.1 FM Animateurs

Ludner Plaisir Jean Claude Damas Marc André Odigé
Saturne Paul Evens Dieudonné Jean Jacques Jean Excerne Morné


Address: 174 Rue du Magasin d’Etat B.P. 1143 Port-au-Prince, Haiti

Tel: 509 22 23 5712

Email: Radionth@gmail.com


Radio Nouvelle Génération


Radio Nouvelle Generation Radio Nouvelle Génération 94.1 FM is a French radio station and specialized in the broadcasting of talk shows. Port-au-Prince based FM broadcasts in Haitian Creole some great programs. Voix de la Liberite is the slogan of the media. The channel hosts a diverse range of music and programs for the loyal listeners it has. You can connect with the station on Facebook and Twitter.

Listen Radio Nouvelle Génération 94.1 FM Port-au-Prince Haiti Online

Wait as the stream loads.



Address: Delmas 64, No. 6, Port-au-Prince, Haïti

Tel: 509 2813 0731

 Email: djspeedup@yahoo.fr

Radio Easy FM


Radio EZ FM New YorkRadio Easy FM is a New York based Haitian Christian music radio launched for Haitians outside Haiti, particularly for American diaspora that is sick of homesickness and wants to get connected with its roots. La station qui vous apporte la joie de vivre! Is the tagline used by the station. The channel covers daily news gospel music and a great deal of information and entertainment for the audiences 24×7. Lionel Richie, Kenny Rogers, Amsy de Derose, Michael Jackson and others are the part of timeless playlists hosted by the FM. You can find EZ Gallery, EZ Videos, EZ News and more online. AudioNow number for listeners is 712 432 1994. Follow the Easy 91.5 on Facebook and Twitter. Here is the website: www.radioeasyfm.net/

Listen Radio Easy 91.5 (EZ FM) Port-au-Prince, Haiti Online

Listen Radio Easy 4VJF 91.5 FM live from New York. Welcome to the Faith-based News and Entertainment!


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Address: 310 N Main Street, Suite 3

    Spring Valley NY 10977

Tel: 845 474 2067

Emails: fresignac@aol.com



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