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CIWS-FM Whitchurch, ONWhiStle FM 102.9 launched on March 17, 2008 is a community radio located in Whitchurch-Stouffville, ON. For people you Know. By people you know is the catchphrase labelled by the CIWS 102.9 FM. The channel was approved by CRTC on Sep 11, 2006 and go ahead was given for an English-language Type Community FM that would use a frequency of 102.7 MHz and ERP of 50 w. 126 hours of weekly content will consist of 119 hours of local content while remaining 7 will be coming from the local stations. English would be primary broadcasting medium however, two hours of French-language content will also be available for the community. Music, Syndicated shows, community news, sports & weather info, emergency announcements and local events would get coverage as per the terms agreed by the party.

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Listen WhiStle FM 102.9 online from Stouffville, Ontario. Stream may take a moment to load.

More About WhiStle FM 102.9

In 2008 the antenna site of the WhiStle was changed to flag pole at 35 Civic Avenue contrary to the earlier proposed Stouffville clock tower. Whistle FM was officially launched on March 17, 2008 as CIWS 102.7 and that too was opposite to the earlier panned call signs: CJIM. CRTC denied the applicants request to change the authorized contours and increase in effective radiated power in Nov 2012 and Nov 2014. The frequency changed was approved by CRTC on April 11, 2016 from 102.7 to 102.9 MHz. CIWS formally flipped to its new frequency on May 18, 2016. Through the official site of the WhiStle FM you can get involved via volunteering, membership and hosting your own show can be even more fun. Soul, dance, swing, Rock, Country, Folk, contemporary, classics and everything music with local sports and news as they say, We have Whitchurch-Stouffville covered, can be read and listen through the web-portal. Events at community, show calendar, podcasts are also available. Donations are welcomed by the WhiStle FM 102.9 present on Facebook and Twitter. Here is the website: www.whistleradio.ca

WhiStle FM Shows

Teen Tales The Vinyl Vault Whistle Bait Women of Influence
CIWS News Block Party Howdy Neighbor Howdy Soundtrack Studio
In The Pit Raising Energy Honky Tonk Outlaws The Best of British
Community in a Minute Fresh Friday Night Blues Dave’s Juke
Stouffville Morning Asylum For Your Soul Monday Night Blues Swing with the Big Bands
Inside the Icebox Off the Top The Eclectic Café Auto Talk
DJ For a Day Sharing The Burden Soultime Night Flight
Storytime with Miss Anne Shelf Life Rock Your Biz World Beats


Address: 6327 Main St, Stouffville, ON L4A 1G7

Tel: 905 640 1027

905 640 0311

Email: admin@whistleradio.com