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CKPC-FM Ontario - Jewel 92.1 FMJewel 92 established in 1933/1934 is a Brantford based soft AC station currently owned by Evanov Communications. At its beginnings in 1933 Florence Dolph Buchanan took control of the radio set up by her father; Her husband J.D. Buchanan becmae the station manager. Canadian govt. started issuing licneses in 1947 and CKPC was among the very first ones to apply for one. CKPC-FM officially hit the waves in May 1949 on a frequency of 94.7 MHz with an ERP of 250 w form its studios at Colborne Street while having transmitter installed on Cockshutt Road. The new dial on June 8, 1955 was 92.1 MHz. It moved to Stereo broadcasts in 1968. Florences’s son got into the business in the mid of 1970 and purchased his mother’s share to have 100% interest in Telephone City Broadcast Ltd.

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The channel almost had a rebirth when it started broadcasting fulltime with an ERP to 50,000 w form its transmitter at St. George. CRTC passed the effective radiated power increase to 80,000 w in Dec 2006 which was implemented in 2007. The licensee Telephone City sold both its FM and AM stations to Evanov Communications in 2009. CKPC-FM was rebranded as Jewel 92 in 2010. Lite & Refreshing is the catchphrase of the station. You can listen Jewel 92 online with schedule, contest (Polish Up Papa!, Beat the Dinner Rush with Lococo’s, info, news & sports stories, playlists, entertainment and of course, current hits, recent favorites and timeless classics. Follow the station on Facebook and Twitter. Here is the website: www.jewel92.com

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Lunch Time Trivia Jewel 92 Overnite The Lounge Suzanne Joyce The International Concert Series
Bob Murray Ed McMahon Music Dave Creelman Kent Chambers In Conversation With


Richard Huskisson Bob Murray Suzanne Joyce
Ed McMahon Dave Creelman Kent Chambers


Address: Jewel 571 West St.

Brantford, ON

N3R 7C5

Tel: 519 759 1000

519 759 4212

Fax: 519 753 1470