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Giant 91.7 FM Ontario - CIXL-FM Giant 91.7 FM launched on June 4, 1957 as an AM station is a Welland-based radio owned by David Holgate. Classic Rock is the new catchphrase used by the radio. CKYY-FM is the sibling. The history of the Giant 91.7 goes back to 1956 when the AM station at 1470 kHz using an ERP of 500 w was approved. CHOW-AM made it into airs officially on June 4, 1957; night-timer service was initiated later in the same year. Effective radiated power was increased to 1,000 watts in 1959.

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The studios were relocated to Forkes Road in the city in 1968. Format was changed from MFTR to country in 1975. ERP for day and nighttime was increased to 10,000 and 2,500 watts in 1978. On Feb 2, 1981 the nighttime wattage was also incremented to 10,000 w. In Dec 1994 CHOW was sold to R.B. Communications and then to David Holgate in 2004. In 1999 the band was flipped to FM; 91.7 MHz was the new frequency and 27, 420 would be the improved ERP effective in May. The format was flipped to Classic Rock in January 2005 after 30 years of Country journey. The channel was rebranded as 91.7 Giant FM and CIXL-FM were the new calls. Audiences can have the CIXL-FM online with on-air shows, events, contests (HeartStop, The Everything Disney Ice Show Ticket Giveaway, Giant FM Noon 4 Play, Niagara River Lions) Playlists, rock news, galleries and more. Follow the Giant 91.7 on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. Here is the website: www.giantfm.com

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Paul Marshall Kristy Knight Brian Salmon Chrishon
Jeff Woods Pat Porter Chuck Lafleur Jef Brown


Address: 860 Forks Road West

Welland ON L3B 5R6

Tel: 905 732 6917

877 342 5917

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Email: info@giantfm.com