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CKUT 90.3FM QuébecCKUT 90.3 FM is a Montreal based Campus and Community radio of McGill University owned by Radio CKUT. In 1985 the radio made its beginnings as a Closed-Circuit station from the campus.  Martha-Marie Kleinhans on behalf of an incorporated company received the license to open an English language FM that would operate on a frequency of 90.3 MHz with an ERP of 5,700 w. CKUT singed somewhere in 1988. ERP was decreased to 4,946 w in 1997. CRTC renewed the license of the station on Aug 15, 2007 for a seven year term until Aug 31, 2014.

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Community radio is home to a variety of spoken-word content broadcasting in English, Korean, Hindi, French, Haitian Creole, Spanish and more. Alternative Music, News, debates, interviews, documentaries, educational and cultural programs regularly feature at nonprofit CKUT 90.3 FM. An Annual Homelessness Marathon is broadcasted in February to stand with the homeless in Montreal and Canada. Programming Info, Archives, podcasts, Funding & Advertising, Special Projects, new and old blogs and lot of cool stuff is available on the official web-porta. Follow CKUT-FM on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, SoundCloud and Twitter. Here is the website: www.ckut.ca/en

CKUT 90.3 FM Programs

VOKO – Voice of Korea Country Classics Adventures In Music Bluegrass Rambling
Jazz Amuck Cha Cha In Blue Stereophobic Listening To Latin America
West Indian Rhythms Friday Morning After The Weekend Groove Desi Beats
Sound Of Soul Mind Soul And Spirit Free Kick Gotsoul Sessions / Funky Revolutions
Latin Time / Tiempo Latina Ill Groove Garden Roots, Rock, Reggae The Goods
Howls From Hell / Metallic Montreal Québec-Acadie En Musique Utopia’s Paradise Anything Goes / John Abbott On The Air
Grey Matters Café Modular Systems / Future Classic Radio Skewing The Waves
International Radio Report Your Radio Is Broken Off The Hour: Friday Samedi Midi Inter
Macondo Butcher T’s Noon Time Cuts Legal Ease / Prison Radio / Shtetl On The Shortwave / O Stories Listen! You Smell Something?
WEFUNK Monday Morning After Full Circle Bhum Bhum Time
Soca Session Masters At Work Sigaw Ng Bayan Cabelli Presente / L’Air(e) Du Diable
Amandla Dromotexte / Pirate Bloc Radio Montreal Sound The Montreal Sessions
Ecolibrium Chaud Pour NewBorn Reggae Ting The Suite Delight
Off The Hour: Tuesday Native Solidarity News / Nipivut Basabasa Soukousoundz Lendemain De La Veille
Voices of Montreal – Radio Moon / Tranzister Radio / Treyf / Out of Lines Upstage Off The Hour: No One is Illegal Radio / Labour Radio / Prison Radio / La Voix des Immigrants Under The Olive Tree
Off The Hour: Avalanche The Long & Short Of It Total Eclipse Of The Charts XX Files
Wednesday Morning After Folk Directions ESL / Harvey Christ Venus
Free City Radio The Mash time Show with DJ Smokey the Vybz Specialist Sleepy King / Terminal 5 OWL / Audio Smut / In The Motherhood / Spitfiyah / Eve et Pandore
Tuesday Morning After Lo Signal Dykes On Mykes / Lesbo-sons The Groundbreakers
Soul Perspectives Space Plane If You Got Ears Hotel Du Blues
Drastic Plastic All Things McGill William Shatner’s Whiskey Tears Off The Hook
Jazz Euphorium Superwax World Skip The Beat Pir@te Et Libres
Underground Sounds Latin Music Mondays / Made In Brazil 27th Hour
You Need A Heart To Live / The Opal Hour En Profondeur Radio Is Dead
The Kitchen Bang Bang Law Health On Earth Queercorps
All Da Way Live Radio New Shit Positive Vibes


Address: 3647 University St.

Montréal, Québec

H3A 2B3

Tel: 514 448 4041

514 448 4013

Email: programming@ckut.ca