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CKO-2 New BrunswickCJRP-FM 103.5 branded as CKO-2 and owned by Houssen Broadcasting is a Christian country music station in Saint John, NB. The history of the channel roots back to February 2003 when CRTC on February 14, 2003 granted Tom Gamblin, the applicant, permissions to set up an FM station on a frequency of 103.5 MHz using a 49.6-watt transmitter. The reason for the acceptance of the application was the very fact that no other channel at that time in Saint John had spoken word comedy format, the one proposed by Comedy Radio 103.5. CFHA was the moniker of the FM. Another reason was the low-wattage of the channel which would in no way affect the existing radios in the Saint John market. The company’s name: TFG Communications Inc. incorporated on behalf of Tom Gamblin was made in the same year (2003) which marked the launch of the CJRP.

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Listen CKO-2 (CJRP 103.5 FM) online from Saint John, New Brunswick. Wait as the stream loads.

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CRTC approved the sale of TFG Communications Inc. to Geoffrey Rivett in 2006. The change in ownership was followed by a change in branding and calls which were now 103.5 the Pirate and CJEF. Radio would now serve the audiences aged between 12 and 24, hosting New Rock and adult contemporary for youths. In 2008, it became Saint John Radio and started broadcasting Classic Rock and comedy. November 2008 marked the transfer of effective control to Ryanne Holdings Inc. The call-letters of the channel were once again changed in April 2009 and now the channel was legally known as CJRP and CJRP-1 (previously CJEF-1) was its repeater for Rothesay. In August 2010 Pritchard Broadcasting acquired the TFG Communications to take control of CJRP-FM and CJRP-FM-1. In 2011 the channel applied for amends to increase the wattage to 3,950 watts and frequency to 96.3 MHz just to receive refusal of CRTC. In February 2014 CJRP with its classical stuff was sold out to Jim Houssen, already an owner of Moncton based Christian radio. CKO-2 Christian Country is the currently can now be seen as another instance of country meeting Cross. Inspirational Classic Country is the catchphrase used. Audiences can listen CJRP 103.5 FM on web. Though the official webpage is under-construction yet provides the player for listening. Here is the website: www.cjrpfm.com


Tel: 506 872 4620

Email: jim@cjrpfm.com