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RVM - Radio VM - CIRA-FM Quebec

CIRA-5 1350 AM is a satellite of CIRA-FM branded as Radio Ville-Marie (Radio VM) established in 1994 and owned by Radio Ville-Marie. The French language booster transmitter serving Gatineau was approved by CRTC on Sep 23, 2009 and was launched in 2012 after some signal tests in fall of 2011; it would rebroadcast the CIRA 91.3 Montreal in Gatineau. The dial used by Gatineau based booster was previously used by CHVR operating in Pembroke, ON before it switched the band to FM in 1996. 1350 AM was closed down owing to some financial issues faced by the RVM. You can still listen the Radio VM online with a lot of info, gospel and religious programming. Follow the Christian radio on Facebook and Twitter. Here is the website: www.radiovm.com

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