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CHUO-FM Ontario - University of Ottawa Campus RadioCHUO 89.1 FM is a C1 campus radio launched on May 31, 1991 and is owned by CHUO. Initially launched as CHOR, on a frequency of 670 kHz in 1975, the very first license was an AM carrier current license making it a cable or closed circuit radio. CRTC granted a new license for a multilingual (French and English) radio on Nov 9, 1989; the now official student FM would broadcast on a frequency of 89.1 MHz with an ERP of 3,200 w. It was officially launched on May 31, 1991 to ultimately replace the carrier current radio. CRTC renewed the license of the channel on Aug 13, 2007 to Aug 31, 2014. The channel is by all means a community funded and run station providing its listeners with entertainment and information at the same time. The Multicultural radio @ 89.1 connects the communities in Ottawa elevates local artists, maintains a strong social network and pays back community with skills enhancement, training, resources and all.

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Listen CHUO 89.1 FM: Community Radio Communautaire Ottawa/Gatineau live from Ontario.

More About CHUO 89.1 FM

CHUO FM 89.1 is a home of diversity with programming in over 10 languages. Funding Drive covers about 25% of the annual budget spent on rentals, repairs, maintenance and programming. CHUO is a member of National Campus and Community Radio Association and AMARC. English and French make a total of 90% (45% each) programming at the studios while the remaining 10% is in Aboriginal and others. Audiences can receive the University of Ottawa Campus Radio via Rogers digital cable and through online stream. You can listen the CHUO-FM online with local news, On Air Guide, recently played music, cultural and event-based programming. Blogs are available on the official site for the readers. Follow the station on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Here is the website: www.chuo.fm

CHUO 89.1 FM Programs

Live Sessions Monday Night Scribes Spotlight Vanguard Radio
Summit Sessions City Slang Tropic FM Negativland
The Latin Train The Circle Gospel Generation Quid Novi
Cinemascope Jazz & Compagnie Apnivani La Villa Strangiato
Raiders of The Lost Art Ghetto Erudit Afrique Plus Acoustic Roots
Heart Beat Café Caribbean Flavour Radio Active Democracy Now!
CHUO Top 30 Sous-Sol 819 ICI L’Afrique Hop the Fence
Afrika Revisited Origenes The is Heart City L’expresso du Dimanche
Quantum Electrum Radio Carsija L’Express Country Rockers
In Transition I’ve Heard that song before No Filter Black on Black
Atmosphere Somali Show Radio France Internationale Amanecer Ranchero
Bouyon Rasin TK FM Romagazin Ladies First
Ethiopian Show CAN-Rock NU BRL Show Metal Canvas
Then & Now The Album Drop Pastiche Third Wave
Schizophrénie Cypher Mixtape Sessions Men Kontre


Address: CHUO FM 65 University Pvt. Suite 0038 Ottawa, Ontario K1N 9A5 CANADA

Tel: 613 562 5967

Email: info@chuo.fm