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CJLL-FM Ontario - CHIN 97.9 FMCHIN Radio Ottawa 97.9 FM legally known as CJLL-FM is a multi-language community radio established in 2003 and owned by CHIN Radio/TV International, a company founded by Johnny Lombardi. CRTC gave Radio 1540 Ltd. the license to broadcast a new ethnic statin in the city at a frequency of 97.9 MHz. The initially included programming was proposed for 37 cultural groups speaking over 20 different languages. English, French and indigenous languages were the main focus. CJLL hit the waves just before the end of year 2003 from Suite 100, 30 Murray Street after testing signals in September. ERP was increased to 6,770 w in Dec 2003 and transmitter which was previously at Camp Fortune, QC was relocated to Place de Ville. An application for a second station at Ottawa was deferred by CRTC in June 2005.

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Welcome to CHIN Radio Ottawa! Listen CHIN 97.9 FM in Ottawa/Gatineau and across Ontario. Wait as the stream loads.


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China Radio International simulcast started by CHIN Ottawa 97.9 FM at the end of 2011 was put down by the station on Feb 10, 2016; the content was replaced by the dance music syndicated from DJFM Toronto.  Another request to the commission to amend the license was also not entertained in March 2009. CRTC on Oct 22, 2012 updated the license of the CJLL-FM to Aug 31, 2017. You can listen 160 hours of local programming each week including news, multicultural talk, public service and informative content (events etc.) online. Music hosted by the CHIN 97.9 FM includes Asian and Middle Eastern, Caribbean & Creole, Celtic, European and North American. Local News, Weather updates, podcasts and a lot of talk music in Dutch, Chinese, German, Portuguese, Arabic, Italian, Latino, Cantonese, Punjabi, Urdu and others can be listened live on the official web-portal. Follow the CHIN Radio 97.9 FM on Facebook and Twitter. Here is the website: www.chinradioottawa.com



Address: 1391 Wellington Street West – Ottawa, Ontario K1Y 2X1

Tel: 613 244 0979

     1 866 697 0979

Fax: 613 244 3858

Email: chinottawa@chinradio.com