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CFRU-FM Ontario CFRU 93.3 FM operating in Guelph, ON is a campus-community radio of University of Guelph and owned by University of Guelph Radio – Radio Gryphon. Students at campus set up Radio Gryphon in 1963 encircling student life at the Uni; the show was broadcasted on CJOY 1460. The university received permission to establish a carrier current station on July 31, 1973. With a gift of $25,000 from Frank Ryan, a former member of Board of Governors at Uni, the carrier current Am channel was launched from the studios at University Centre in 1975. FR in calls of the channel represent the honor given to Frank Ryan.

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More About CFRU 93.3

The approval for FM was given by CRTC in Aug 1979. CFRU 93.3 FM hit the waves on Jan 28, 1980 using a 50 w transmitter which was later increased to 250 watts in 1991. CRTC validated the license of the CFRU-FM on Aug 28, 2012 until Aug 31, 2016. The radio has over 30 years of experience in engaging with the community, connecting campus and community, empowering and teaching volunteers, working on new ideas and helping creators in and around Guelph. Audiences can listen over seventy shows per week in Fergus, Rockwood and Kitchener-Waterloo. You can listen always open for volunteers radio online with news, events info, archives and more. Follow the CFRU 93.3 FM on Facebook and Twitter. Here is the website: www.cfru.ca

CFRU 93.3 FM Programs


Sounds Good To Me Cyber Stallion of Flaming Steel Digital Statik The Outrageous Hour BBC News
The B&D Approach Serious Illumination The Flannel Hour Aural Tethers Messenger Bird
The Sentinel’s Marvelous Kaleidoscope A Little Sublime Indie Alarm Clock The stillness & The Dancing Cycology
Caribbean Anthology L-Roebics Afghan Dari Radio Tastes Like More- The Galcio Radio Show Conversations Worth Having (Hoofbeats)
Weird Waves Beautiful Druid This Night Wounds Time L’Eclipse International Art English
Poppin Pakistani Bolly Bash Amplified Radio A Dog’s Breakfast Navrang Guelph Tone Zone
Planet Groove Your Show Here Democracy Now Monday Morning Mixtape Close to Home
Radia Handi-Link Folk Roots Radio Dry School The Kookoo Bananas Variety Hour
Blues Around the Block To Know The Land Forever Deaf Viejoteca With Strings


Address: U.C. Level 2, University of Guelph

Guelph, Ontario N1G2W1

Tel: 519 824 4120 x53502

Email: cfru.admin@gmail.com