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CKPR-FM Ontario 91.5 CKPR established in 1927 as an AM station – preceded by an amateur station 3HU – is a Thunder Bay AC music and talk radio owned by Dougall Media. ERP and frequency was 50 w and 890 kHz at initial launch. Power was incremented to 100 w in 1933 and frequency was changed to 780 kHz in the same year. CKPR changed its frequency to 930 kHz in 1935 and became a CBC affiliate in 1936. There is a whole list of former frequencies and will be too long to make their mention here. So, by 1956 CKPR was operating on a frequency of 580 kHz and was looking forward to receive an approval for 5,000 w transmitter power for daytimes; the change got approved and implemented in 1961.

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More About 91.5 CKPR

Studios were relocated to 87 North Hill Street, Port Arthur. The corporate identity of the company was changed from H.F. Dougall Ltd. to C.J.S.D. Inc. Following a local management agreement (LMA) in 1995, the Newcap property CJLB-FM shifted to Dougall studios at Hill Street; the deed ended in 2004. After approval in Feb, CKPR switched its band to FM on June 4, 2007; 91.5 MHz was the new frequency to broadcast Adult Contemporary hits. It was rebranded as The New 91.5 CKPR in April 2008. CKPR-FM-2 @ 93.5 FM hit the waves on Dec 5, 2011 after receiving approval earlier in March 2011. Thunder Bay’s Best Music is the catchphrase. You can listen the 91.5 CKPR online with news, features, shows and DJs info, contests (Dinner and Divots, Treasure For Bruno Mars, 91.5 CKPR Birthdays) and events info and more. Follow the 91.5 FM on Facebook and Twitter. Here is the website: www.ckpr.com

91.5 FM Personalities

Danny Foresta Laura Zaina Val Mitchell Bill Hogan Miggz Paige Kok

91.5 FM Shows

Battle of the Sexes Danny & Laura in the Morning Daily Dish
Water Cooler Conversations Sunday Afternoons with Miggz Saturday Mornings with Danny & Laura
Middays with Val & Thunder Bay on Demand Sundays with Val Wacky Joke Wednesday
The Drive with Bill Hogan Workday Replay Saturdays with Holly
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Address: 87 Hill St N

Thunder Bay, Ontario

Canada, P7A 5V6

Tel: 1 888 218 1428

346 2600

Email: bhilgers@dougallmedia.com