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BBC Radio 1 logoBBC Radio 1 or British Radio 1 is the British radio with extreme popularity in the area United Kingdom having more than 44,500,000 audiences per month according to a survey, it is fully operated by British Broadcasting Corporation. This is one of the most popular station that is also tuned in international states like United States, Australia, Canada, etc. Best age limit for Radio 1 ranges from 15 to 29 (starting maturity to peek maturity). The station is played in FM, DAB and TV.

Radio 1 was first on aired at 7:00am (English time) on Saturday 30 September, 1967, afterwards this station went to broadcast some most popular and famous music and plays as well since 1985. Tony Blackburn began to expose his entertainment audio acting and was known for “first DJ of the station“.


Below is the frequency of the channel:

  • FM: 97.7 MHz – 99.7 MHz (UK)
  • 97.1 MHz (Jersey)
  • DAB: 12B – BBC National DAB
  • RDS Name: Radio 1
  • Freeview: 700
  • Freesat: 700
  • Sky (UK only): 0101
  • Virgin Media: 901
  • TalkTalk TV: 600
  • UPC Ireland: 907

Listen Live

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Hope you will enjoy this station with joy and amusement 🙂

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