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Radyo KaBaYaN - KBYN ManilaRadyo Kabayan aka Radyo KBYN is a music and info station launched in Dec 2010. Cebu based station is FRMC Business Ventures property registered under the no 04012795. The channel is a source of music widely listened and accessed by Filipinos across the world. In addition to music a wide range of programs that include the interests and issues of Overseas Filipino Workers, and talks of various topics mainly community issues, news, social justice, culture and entertainment. Radyo Kabayan Club is a platform for the Filipinos in and out of country to connect in a matter way and socialize in a unique way online.

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Listen Radyo Kabayan Cebu, Philippines Online

Listen Radyo Kabayn live from Cebu, Philippines. Stream may take a moment to load.


More About KaBaYaN

The radio is favorite among homesick Filipino audiences who get to listen Original Pilipino music and lively talks in their bedrooms. KBYN can be accessed in Manila, Cebu and whole of Philippines and also in Canada, Singapore, Australia and Dubai through affiliate radio partners. You can listen the radio online with the best music, videos, photos, Radio shows schedule, events, promos, Jocks info, Song Requests and more. Find the online station on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter. Here is the website: www.radyokabayan.org

Radyo Kabayan Programs

Moments of LoveHit & RunSky’s The LimitBest of OPM and Love Songs 24/7
The DJ Kiko ChannelMate MatchThe FlowHeart, Mind and Soul

Radyo KaBaYan Jocks

LiannePapa CharoDJ StingrayPrivate Ryan
KikoOmanPrecious DJ MelodyValRock
China HeartDJ MystCooletzSpy
ChixzEchoSimon SlimHeart
Lady BellaBaby ALRanzelSkyLark

Kabayan Contact

Address: Block 5 Lot 4 Pereville Subdivision

  1. Sanchez Street, Pagsabungan

Mandaue City, Cebu 6014

Tel: +63 9274879596

Email: frmcbusinessventures@gmail.com