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Running a Radio Station


Curious about how to set up and run a radio station in the age of the internet? Well, we’ve got some advice for you, and if you take it all on board you should have a much easier time getting everything set up and running just the way you like it. So without further ado, the advice, and good luck!

Invest sensibly!

If you’re looking to set up a radio station, start small! You don’t need to buy a studio and microphones costing thousands – you can start with a headset and a decent music collection, if all you’re aiming to do is pump tunes through the web to people as they work or play Party poker, then you can do so without spending loads. But you do need music, and you do need a microphone – a headset is ideal at first, so some investment will be needed (for software too, if you’re not into using any free options), but don’t go crazy

Find your niche!

Don’t do what everyone else is doing – aim to find a USP (unique selling point) that sets you apart from the competition! Whether you have funny/wacky interviews or you’re dedicated to playing indie label music, then stick to it, as a niche can make you far more valuable to a smaller but more loyal audience than being generic can. It just depends on whether you’re doing it for the love and a decent salary, or you’re aiming to make millions – although with the amount of online radio stations in the world, that’s pretty hard!

Go traditional?

Traditional radio stations are still going, and if you want to move into that field then the best thing to do is work for an existing radio station, as the costs of setting up a physical radio station could be huge! Get a job at an existing station and work your way up!