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Thr Gegar Malaysia Online

Thr Gegar is one of the most Popular FM radio station of Malaysia. It is also called ” gem of East Coast”

Now you can listen to THR gegar live streaming online over the Internet directly to your computer. The motto of THR gegar is witnessed as the premium Malaysian radio station of Malaysia. Meet with your favorite DJs, Hakim’s brother Andy, Gina, Rezlynn and many others. they will entertain you with various local pop songs from the 80s era songs. THR gegar is one of the best FM radio personally loved by me. Most of the songs last played during live shows are among the retro classics from 90’s . Besides the melodious music, THR also provides you with  Bollywood and  Hindi songs through their famous show Hindi Power!. You can also listen to THR FM radio at a frequency of 99.3 MHz for the Klang Valley and Pulau Pinang, Negeri  Sembilan to 101.5 MHz and  101.9 MHz.

Thr Gegar Listen Online

Thr Gegar FM  can be listened Online easily, the streaming will start making soothing effects on you earbuds within couple of seconds.

official : dengargegar.thr.fm