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One FM MalaysiaOne FM is the most favorite radio station for the Malaysian People. It is the most popular radio station ranking in #3 in the whole Malaysian radio stations. It has many dj’s and rj’s. Some of them are Jane, Jack, Max, Suki, Nicholas, Wayne, Kyan and Lucas. Having above +400,000 fans at Facebook. it is concluded to be Chinese community radio and attracts a lot of international Chinese audience too. throughout the country one FM has following frequencies

  • 87.8
  • 87.6
  • 88.1
  • 95.7
  • 100.4
  • 88.3
  • 98.3
  • 88.1
  • 105.3
  • 87.8

One FM Online Listen Radio – Malaysia

People from home and office enjoy listening to this station frequently also make calls in live talk shows and engage with the program DJ’s. the morning and evening shows are most interesting shows of live broadcasting transmission. Below is the streaming of this radio station. Please wait a while the stream loads.