FunAsia Radio Dallas TX


FunAsia 104 FM Dallas TX & FunAsia 700AM

FunAsia is one of the most listened Asian FM Radio Station in Dallas Texas  by Asian community of USA. No matter anyone is Bangladeshi , Indian, Pakistani or Srilankan all are considered as South Asians and inhabitants of Subcontinent , Fun Asia broadcast programs mostly in Urdu and Hindi, which are understood by people belonging to All south Asian countries.

Mostly in selection  it plays old Bollywood songs also Pakistani music including ghazals and band songs

Funasia has two frequencies and locations  it is broadcasting from  Dallas Texas and Houston USA.

Contact Info FunAsia Richardson

  • Phone: 972-235-5555
  • Address:  1210 E.Beltline Rd.
    Richardson, TX 75081


  • 104.9 FM
  • 700 Am

you can listen this radio station online on our site, just wait few seconds live streaming will load automatically

Fun Asia Listen Live from Texas

Audio Streaming

you need to download  Infinite HD plugin , install and then refresh this page to listen funasia radio live

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  • P Kalidas


    Just to mention that the commercials that are heard on both your radio stations are now becoming unbearable to listen to. The same commercials are heard day in and day out for several months. I understand being a businessman for nearly four decades the stations survive on the income derived from these commercials. Can the advertises be offered a variety of scripts to convey the same message and the stations still maintain their source of income.My friends and relatives do what I do, and that is as soon as a commercial is heard switch to another station.Your programes
    and presenters are professional. Hope these issues will be considered so that we continue listening to your popular and entertaining stations.

  • Jinram Gupta


    I have to say that you guys do an awesome job on the radio. I am actually in Atlanta and listen to your radio often on my iphone. But lately the sound quality has become defective. Please look into this. Nothing is clear.

  • Diya


    Do you also record songs for newcomers? I hear songs sung by Ectaa. Who is she? Never heard her.

  • Jan Self


    I very much enjoy listening to your station when I’m doing my morning 2-mile walk and as I’m driving. I am caucasian. I love Indian music and dance. I think the best disc jockey is the woman during weekday mornings. I don’t know her name. She has great pronunciation and wonderful exchanges with callers. I especially appreciate the world news as she reports it. It is easily understandable and very complete. Does someone write it up for her?

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