Weather Radio Canada (XLM538)

Weather Radio Canada 162.550 (MHz) VHF Winnipeg, MBWeather Radio Canada 162.550 (MHz) VHF Winnipeg, MB (XLM538) is one of the many stations operating under the Meteorological Service of Canada, a subsidiary/division of Environment Canada. The weather information, updates and alerts are broadcasted in English and French from 230 transmitter locations across the Canadian States. The radio has its presence from the Gulf of Mexico to Arctic heavens. The network operates on seven dedicated VHF frequencies of the public service (weather) band. Specific Area Message Encoding (SAME) followed by warning messages are the most useful in unfavorable climate and drastic weather conditions which threatens Canadian every now and then. The network is available in over 90% households with the receivers.

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Listen Weather Radio Canada (XLM538) 162.55 VHF Winnipeg, MB

Listen Weather Radio Canada 162.55 VHF live from Manitoba. Wait as the stream loads.

More About XLM538 162.55 VHF

Apart from homes you can find – or rather find a one – the Weatheradio equipment in Hospitals, Campgrounds, Marinas, Manufacturing Plants, Schools, and Dispatch Offices. Listeners with the SAME accessorized receivers will have the opportunity to be briefed with weather and non-weather emergency updates, watches such as advisories and warnings. You can find the radio network in British Columbia, Alberta, Yukon, New Brunswick, Northwest Territories, Nova Scotia, Nunavut, Saskatchewan, Quebec, Prince Edward Island, Ontario, Newfoundland and Labrador and Manitoba. Audiences can listen the channel online on the web radio and find all the services, resources, laws (Acts and Regulations), departments, releases and work done by the Environment and Natural Resources in Canada to protect the natural habitat, environment while conserving and restoring what is endangered. Stay connected with the service using Facebook, Twitter and other social media platforms. Here is the website: Weather Radio 162.55 VHF (XLM538)


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