Tourist Radio

CHLL-FM-1 | CHLL-FM-2Tourist Radio, aka CHLL, is an FM station for the tourist serving the visitors in British Columbia. It is just like a guide and guide someone that what to see, what to do and where to go. The channel works in cooperation with different tourist stakeholders and helps the visitors by providing them information about the weather conditions, road conditions and by advising them the places to visit. Tourist Radio-Canada is broadcasted in different Countries. In Peachland it is 92.1 (CHLL 1), in Kelowna, it is 95.3 FM (CHLL-FM 2) and in Rock Creek, it is 99.3. In the future, it is looking to launch new channels in Vernon, Penticton, Westwood, Vernon and others. If you are a visitor in Kelowna, then one must listen the Tourist Radio, so that he can enjoy his tour as much as you can.

Listen CHLL-FM 2 Tourist Radio Kelowna, BC Online

Hold on for a moment the stream of the Tourist Channel Kelowna, loads. It will be played in seconds.

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