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CIRH-FM Vancouver, BC 98.3Roundhouse Radio, a famous Canadian radio channel also known as CIRH-FM, is serving the inhabitants of Vancouver, British Columbia by broadcasting Urban Talk and Urban music. CRTC gave the approval to launch the channel on August 6, 2014, and it got on the air for the first on October 15, 2015. The slogan of the CIRH is “Our City, Your Voice”, and is broadcasted on frequency 98.3 MHz (FM). The channel states that it is a community station and focuses much on local content programming done by the talent from community. Local Canadian voices, musicians, and storytellers are the core members of the CIRH 98.3 . The content programming of Roundhouse Radio Vancouver includes talk documentaries, shows, and storytelling, events discussion, and business. Though the channel emphasizes on the local talent, it also on air songs and music from the international artists and a diverse range of genres.

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The Sense of Place with Minelle Mahtani is the most notable and famous show of the CIRH-FM, as the passion of the host is to highlight the cultural, feminist geography and how the race works in the city. The Sense of Place with Minelle Mahtani can listen from 10 AM to 12 PM and has different segments. Trying To Be Good with Emelia Symington Fedy is another fascinating show of the channel that gets on air on every weekday midnight. Other programming includes Impact, Tracks, Blues, Slipstream and others. The citizens of the Vancouver, British Columbia, can enjoy the CIRH on 98.3 MHz at their radios. The fans from other parts of the world can listen live Roundhouse Radio Vancouver streaming online from the Roundhouse CIRH 98.3 . Follow the Vancouver based 98.3 FM on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Youtube.


Address: Roundhouse Radio 714 Alexander Street, Vancouver – British Columbia, V6A 1E3

Phone: 604 449 7983


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