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RCH 2000 96.1 FM is a radio station based in Bourdon, Centre, Haiti. The leading news and entertainment music station intergrates the society which is socially and culturally diverse in the Caribbean region. The variety of programs includes News, current affairs, cultural programs, interviews, talk shows, health shows, music, French talk and various others. The official website of the RCH 2000 96.1 FM publishes the content such as related to Éducation, Nouvelles, Politique, Santé and Sport while airing non-stop musical and informational programs accompanied with Caribbean talks. You can read Éditorial, access podcasts, archives and find Les plus populaires on the web facility. Visitors can download the newly launched iphone, Blackberry and Android apps to listen the RCH 2000 on the go. Fans may also follow the FM on Facebook, Twitter and Youtube to find more stuff shared. Enjoy Haiti’s premiere News and entertainment radio source online on your favorite streaming station. Here is the official web address: Radio RCH 200 96.1 FM

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Radio 2000 96.1 FM Port-au-Prince



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Address: Bourdon, Centre, Haïti

Tel: (786) 837-2227

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