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Listen Radio Timoun – FM 90.9 – Port-au-Prince, Haiti

Radio TimounRadio Timoun 90.9 FM Stereo is a general format station broadcasting from Port-au-Prince, Haiti. The channel provides News, Religious, instrumental music, cultural, informational and other programs in good streaming quality. Timoun from Port-au-Prince which basically means children is a Haitian word; so  FM 90.9 essentially transmits the children programming, propagates the children music and advocates their rights and works for their place in Haitian habitat. The visitors can find scores of posts, archives, podcasts and much more besides listening music and reading news on the online platform. Sports, news, business, education, politics, lifestyle, technology, culture are proportionally sectioned in the theme. The radio not only connects the Haitians with each other but also with the world around it and which matters a lot and has deep influences on them as a nation. The iphone, android and audio now apps with facility to choose player and social handles are also handy for the fans and followers who live everything social. Play Radio Timoun – the children’s ultimate playground. Here is the website:

 Ecoutez Radio Tele Timoun en direct

Radio Timoun 90.9 FM Stéréo is online. Wait as the stream loads.



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Address: 26, Tabare, Blvd 15 Octobre, Haïti

Tél.: (509) 2811-0409 / 2811-0410

(786) 267-9510

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