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 Radio Tete 102.9 FM Saint Marc

Radio Tete a Tete 102.9 FM Saint Marc is a mix format station predominantly filled with news, current affairs programming, regional stories and sports. However some good music records both classic and modern are also played by the chaine in their daily course. La Radio du Peuple is the slogan of the Radio Tête à Tête 102.9 FM Stéréo. The hi-fi stereo broadcasts of national, regional and international music provide real variety to the listeners in and outside Caribbean. Country, Rock, Salsa, Pop, Zouk, Folk, Dance, Jazz along others are some of the genres hosted by the 102.9 Stéréo FM. Tête à Tête is always dedicated for providing the informative and entertaining talk to the community of Saint Marc. The 102.9 FM is serving the community in the best ways possible by its credible, informing and enjoyable content. Listeners can download the iPhone, Android and Blackberry apps to the get a more reformed listening experience while using cellular pocket devices.

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Écouter Radio Tête à Tête 102.9 FM Stereo Haiti en Direct

Listen Radio Tête à Tête 102.9 FM Stéréo en direct form Haiti. Wait as the stream loads.

Listeners can also have reception via official website where they can read headlines, recent stories, browse images and access exclusive content available only on the site. Last but not the least, fans are allowed to follow their favorite station on popular social media platforms. Listen to your favorite Radio Tete a Tete (Face to Face) !

Here is the official website: Tete a Tete 102.9 FM Stéréo



Address: 14, Frecyneau


HT 4310


Tel: 509-37-17-3040

(509) 42 24 30 40


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