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Radio Télévision Espace 94.1 FM Haiti

Radio Television Espace 94.1 FM Port-au-Prince Haiti, launched in 2014, is a Mix-format station that broadcasts from Haiti. For decades, the country has embarked on a path of transition to democracy. The Radio Television Espace has stepped in the lives of the Haitian people to promote a social cohesion and integrating all communities and generations. This is a public service media to enable citizens to understand the decision-making processes that affect them, to contribute and participate in it. La Plus Jeune des radios is the slogan of the RTVE 94.1 FM.

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Hence the prime purpose of the Radio Television Espace FM 94.1 is to support general interest objectives such as social progress, public awareness of democratic processes, intercultural understanding and integration into society, relying on a range diversified high-quality content, because sensationalism too often remains dominant in the speech of the journalist. In addition, the information disseminated by the media tends to focus on specific events, instead of following the long-term socio-cultural issues. The content offered by the Radio Television Espace 94.1 FM includes news, information, civic content, sports, cultural programs, training stuff and a healthy mix of music. Radio Télévision Espace is available on iVoox and AudioNow. You can listen to the FM 94.1 Television online, access podcasts/archives and also have it on AudioNow with different numbers for Haiti and USA. Visitors can follow the Actualités, Nouvelles and read the articles online. Those who visit the website can also watch their favorite Television CH 34 The channel can also be followed on Facebook, Twitter, SoundCloud and Instagram. Here is the website: Radio Télévision Espace






Address: 12, Rue Marcelin, HT 6110 Port-au-Prince

Telephone: +(509) 3701-9434/ 3702-9434



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