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Radio Tele SuperStar 102.9 FM Delmas launched on May 10, 1987 is a Haitian station with a new format and unprecedented style. The channel offers a varied radio and television programs, dealing information of politics, society, Haitian culture and of course the music 24/24. From the implementation of new ideas of the vibrant owner Albert Chancy Jr., these emissions were quick to revolutionize the world of radio broadcasting in Haiti. In October 1988 Communication One, an advertising agency, made a study of stations broadcasting in Haiti. Surprise: according to this study, RSS (Radio Tele SuperStar) has broken all records in the field of mass media in modulation frequencies. The first music channel essentially of Haiti has been able to broadcast Haitian music at a big level over the years as its slogan suggests: La Bonne Musique Au bon Moment !

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Before the arrival of RSS, the F.M. was only 12% listenership. In 1988, SuperStar alone had 73% of listening, which earned him the nickname of d’éléphant des ondes. Having brought new life to the radio in Haiti, RSS has always kept its originality while taking account of the changing times and technology. A stranger said: “Radio SuperStar has nothing to envy the big radio stations in the US or Europe for the quality of its programming consists of up to date equipment. In 2007 the station launched its online facility for the fans and listeners around the world to receive the live and recorded content 24×7. You can see photos, watch videos, explore archives and see the schedules of your favorite programs on the site. Radio Tele SuperStar Carnaval 2013 and 2014 are the lately covered event of the SuperStar FM.

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22 years after the establishment of RSS the director Mr. Albert Chancy launched the television sibling of the Radio on May 10, 2009 broadcasting on Chaine 68 ou 124. Tele SuperStar already broadcasts several local broadcasts such as: TSS News, REPOTAJ68 and EDUCA68, a program based on character building featuring great personalities of Education, school children and students. These broadcasts are available daily on the site of the SuperStar 102.9 FM. AudioNow@ 213 992 4330 also gives opportunity to the listeners to access the Radio Tele SuperStar on their devices. On May 10, 2016 the Radio Tele SuperStar will celebrate its 29th anniversary as the most listened FM in the country. Fans can listen to the Nouvelles d’Haiti, Haiti actualités, actualités politique, économie, sports, culture, météo and follow their favorite station on Twitter, Facebook and Youtube. Here is the website: SuperStar 102.9 FM Delmas


Address: Radio Télé Superstar

Delmas 68, Angle rues Safran et C. Henri

Pétion-Ville, Haïti

Tel: (509) 2816-6868



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