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Radio Shekina 92.5 FM HaitiRadio Tele Shekina 92.5 FM Les Cayes is a Christian charity station that aims to address the issues of common Haitian man and support him with whatever it can i.e. by social aids, financial help, agricultural, educational and Health support. Shekina Internationale 92.5 FM is the initiative of the Fondation Pain Aux Hommes to contribute to the progress of the Haitians by collaborating with different associations, foundations and joining hands with non-governmental organizations working for the welfare of the Haiti. Charles Chaix was the founder of the foundation. The evangelical non-profit work done by the Fondation Pain Aux Hommes en Haiti is appreciated all across the nation. The broadcasts of the Cambry based station are enlightening the rural communities and municipalities of Sud Department. The mission and the programs of the channel are mainly based on evangelism, Christian Talk, Gospel music, education and economic development. You can listen to the radio online; the followers and those backing the initiative are more than welcome to put their suggestions across the team to reform their communities. Here is the website of the Radio Shekina 92.5 FM Haiti:

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Address: Radio Shekina International, Cayes Haiti



011 509 286 1019

 011 509 656 2636

Fax: 309-422-1084

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