Radio Tele Rossignol

Radio Tele Rossignol Haiti

Radio Tele Rossignol 88.7 FM Port-au-Prince is and Educational channel that broadcasts from the capital of Haiti. Education pour tous! (Education for All) is the slogan of the channel. Social, cultural and technological revolution is the aim of the Radio Tele Rossignol. The promotion of cultural and moral values, intellectual level, peace, non-violence and providing a space for debate in the community to resolve controversial issues by healthy debates is the task taken by the 88.7 FM. You can find the FM online and can listen to the station on any phone using Audio Now 712 432 9792. Sports, Music and kids content also make a vital part of programming. The channel is available on Ivoox and Facebook for the listeners and fans. Here is the website: Radio Television Rossignol

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Address: Port-au-Prince, Haiti

Tel: 509 2226 6680

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