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Radio Télé Parisienne 94.7 FM Haiti

Radio Télé Parisienne 94.7 FM Saint-Marc aims to inform, educate and entertain the masses of Haiti while promoting the democratic debate both nationally and internationally obviously with responsibility. The channel offers a wide choice of quality cultural programs as well as covering the major events across the world. RTP 94.7 FM plays a vital role in the dissemination of knowledge and development of social integration and ties between the Haitians in the country and expatriates out of Haiti. Le Monde en Action (The World in Action) is the slogan of the Radio Télé Parisienne. The mission of the activities and actions of the Parisienne is to contribute to the cultural and economic development in the country.

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  Radio Télé Parisienne (RTP) 94.7 FM offers a rich and varied content through the dissemination of all kinds of programs: news, sport, fiction, entertainment, magazine and documentary, in order to provide information, cultural enrichment and entertainment to all public components, while also addressing governments and societies to its duties and rights. You can listen to the Radio Parisienne online on the official website of the RTP, use different AudioNow numbers depending on your location i.e. USA, France, Canada and Dominican Republic. Listeners can also download the official Android app form Google Play Store or from the RTP site to enjoy the Radio on the go. Fans can also connect with the Radio Télé Parisienne (RTP) 94.7 FM on Facebook, Twitter and Google+. The Website: Radio Télé Parisienne (RTP) 94.7 FM   Here are the different services that offers Radio Télé Parisienne: 1- Propose documentaries and magazines. 2- To support music creation and new talents. 3- Promote original creations. 4- Equality and advocacy of women’s rights. 5- Religious Programs. 6. Propagate every day of information.


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Address: 105, rue Louverture, Saint-Marc, Haiti

Tel: 36 00 59 72

+ 509 34 51 26 92

+ 509 43 83 71 51



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