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Radio Solidarité – 107.5 FM Port-au-Prince en Direct

Radio SolidaritieRadio Solidarité 107.3 FM is a live radio station which broadcasts from Port-au-Prince, Haiti; bringing to the Haitians community News, Information, music, cherished talks, Entertainment and much more.

Radio Solidarité puts a great effort to bring to its listeners rich information, education and a good deal of health programming as well as cultural and musical dose. The content broadcast by the channel is somewhat in segments e.g. 3 daily music sessions, entertainment feeds, lively chats and shows like one on the Saturday night.

Listen Radio Solidarité 107.3 FM Haiti Online

Wait as the Solidarité  107.3  stream loads.

The users can share the content on popular social media including Twitter and Facebook. Listners can have the Solidarité on their radio/FM/mobile sets and definitely our site and obviously on the official website:


Postal Address:

6, rue fernand, Canape-vert


Mailing Address:


Contact Numbers:

(509) 3766-8876

(509) 3766-9071

(509) 2513.0044


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