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Radio SoleilHaitian Radio Soleil (Sun) launched in 1978 is a French language religious radio station based in Port-au-Prince. It is the voice of the Catholic Church in Haiti. The station at a Frequency of 105.7 is broadcast in the Archdiocese of Port-au-Prince. The Soleil is aiming at evangelism, education, information and entertainment. Radio Soleil under the leadership of the Episcopal Conference of Haiti From its foundation in the 1980s is committed to democratic demands. The building of the Radio Soliel 105.7 FM was collapsed during the earthquake of January 12, 2010. The broadcasts were on-air on January 22, 2010 from a minibus Thanks to donations from German Catholics and by agency of US episcopate; the Soleil received the prefabricated radio broadcast equipment. With half a million dedicated listeners the Soleil is committed to provide community/national and international news, information and entertainment. Nevertheless, the mission of Soliel – FM 105.7 is to provide religious (Catholic) education with dedication to the more than 10.32 million citizens of the Haiti. News, current affairs and music are among the secondary content. The Haitian Folklore, Rara music, Compas and much more is available for the fans.

Listen Radio Tele Soleil – FM 105.7 – Port-au-Prince, Haiti

Listen Radio Télé Soleil live form Pinchinat, Port-au-Prince, Haiti. Wait as the stream loads.

More About Radio Soleil

Ricot Dupuy is currently directing the Radio Soleil and unquestionably the captain of the Ship. The commentaries and analyses of Cupuy have a resonance in the Haitian community in and outside the country. His vision and speech airing on the specified outlets throughout the United States have a meaning and appeal at the same time. American Press always consults this man when it comes to Haitian issues and. Ricot has been featured on a number of times in the NY times and the other major papers of New York. CNN, NBC, ABC and CBS have all interviewed him. He for a reason has had interviews with the personalities like Nelson Mandela, W.J. Clinton and others. A daily show in evening @9pm is hosted by him which consists of the stories and developments on Haitian political scene. Don’t forget to watch his hosted Voices and Truths (VOIX ET VERITES) and Analysis and Commentaries. The website of the Soleil brings all the fresh content and podcast for the listeners. You can find latest news, regional stories, live polls against racismin Dominican Republic against Haitians, Music, entertainment, Tweet galleries, blogs and everything about Soliel. The android, iphone and audio now apps are also available for the visitors. Archives and miscellaneous posts are also a part of the Web-pages. Radio Soleil is also available in Paris, New York, Brooklyn and a number of other destinations around the world where Christianity matters.


Monday To Friday Saturday Sunday
Morning News Champs Elysees Voices and Truths with Ricot Dupuy
NY International The RoroDasque show Sunday Prayer with Monsegnor Guy Sansarick
MidNight The Nelida Show Light French songs with Karl Desrosiers
N Sports Your Turn Sunday with Marcel Piccard
Haitian Boleros Roots Music Our Health show with the Haitian Doctors association
Musical interlude Compas Music Melodias In la Noche
Spiritual Moments Escale Caraibeenne Paid Programming
Light French songs Paul Maurice Francois

Sports Summary of the News of the Week

Rebroadcast of Key Shows

Detente du Weekend
Radio Solidarite
News-the French Edition
News Analysis and Commentaries by Ricot Dupuy

Midday News
News Hour
Musicorama with Jean Robert Savaille


  Address: Radio Télé Soleil, 14, rue Pinchinat, Port-au-Prince, Haiti Telephone: 509 2226 9627


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