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Radio Sky HaitiRadio Sky – “The Young Mind Radio” is a US based Haitian FM station. Sky launched on March 3, 2007 aims to share the joy, happiness and love with the Haitians in and out of the country. The Radio attracts the attention of hundreds of thousands of Haitians and French speaking audiences. Radio 96.5 claims to be the true friend its listeners in good and bad times for instance take the 2010 earthquake of Haiti; Sky stood with those suffering under the sky and did its best for those who made it to survive. The Frequency modulation of  Radio Sky 96.5 FM is truly the voice of Haitians who think, live and love Haiti from anywhere they are.

Listen Radio Sky – 96.5 FM Port-au-Prince Haiti

Listen Radio Sky FM live from Haiti. Wait for a moment as the auto-stream loads.

The listeners can listen live and recorded music charts form the website of station. Enjoy the latest and classic Hip Hop beasts with nonstop Haitian tunes all the way 24×7. Besides day and night music hours you can also explore the Radio’s site for the latest news, politics business, and entertainment and sports stories. The science, tech world lifestyle, health, travel and food are also among the categories browsed by the visitors. There is also a section for the breaking news on the right side of Banner. Christianity is also among the topics discussed on the blogs and pages of website of Radio 96.5 FM. The audio now facility is also available for the users along with the choice of their respective players to listen. The recent posts along with latest tweets gallery is useful for the social media fans. The desktop and mobile listeners can equally enjoy the best of Sky on the indicatively done website: Vimeo, Twitter, Facebook, Youtube, Google+, Pinterest and LinkedIn are all available for the fans and followers.



Telephone: 011-509-3872-5590

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