Radio Sentinelle

Radio Sentinelle FM HaitiRadio Sentinelle 93.9 FM is a Haitian religious music station broadcasting from South Florida. Radio Sentinelle Haiti 93.9 FM is a private Haitian broadcasting company that is the sole proprietor, commercial, cultural and religious station launched after the approval of Haitian government on November 6, 1979. It functions as a ministry and Christian instrument of evangelical communication at the service of local churches and ecclesiastical institutions in Haiti for the propagation of the faith and for the propagation and promotion of the gospel of Jesus Christ. Haitian-American Gospel Voice of South Florida can be listened online. Follow the channel on Facebook and Twitter. Here is the website:

Listen Radio Sentinelle 93.9 FM Port-au-Prince, Haiti

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Address: 1317 NE 4th Ave

Fort Lauderdale, Florida

Tel: +1 954 462 2283


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