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Radio Parisienne FM 101.7 Haiti

Radio Parisienne FM 101.7 was is launched with the purpose to serve the exigency of the population to have their own music radio in Fonds-Parisien. Évangélique, Musique Français and Culture/Rubrique are some of the components of the content. Compas, Musique jazz and variety of musical programs is also aired for the listeners. Fritz Vertil is the director of the Radio. The station is ready to distribute music before preparing the newsroom and other broadcasts in the communal section of the municipality of Ganthier. The 101.7 FM is available on AudioNow@712 432 4395 and Tunein. You can have the live stream and find more on the official website:

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Listen Radio Parisienne FM 101.7 Fonds-Parisien En Direct

Rasdio Parisienne FM 101.7 en ligne. Wait as the stream loads.




Parisienne Tropicale Sunday Jazz Musique Racine Music
Chemin De La Foi Chansonettes Sabor Latino





Address: Radio Parisienne FM 101.7

#1 Rue R.S. Polynice

Fonds-Parisien, Haiti

Tel:+(954) 397-6752


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