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Radio Lumière en Direct Haiti

Radio LumièreRadio Lumière is a work of the Evangelical Baptist Mission of South Haiti (MEBSH) The channel is well known as the voice of the evangelical community of Haiti and the voice of the voiceless.

Structured with ten (10) transmitters and stations located throughout the Republic and relayed through “top repeaters”, placed at the top strategic mountains of the country, this country’s only station network covers about 94% of the national territory. Lumière serves the entire Haitian community by proclaiming the eternal salvation in Jesus Christ and disseminating all kinds of programs in French and Creole for a civic, moral, and intellectual family of each Haitian citizen.

Radio Lumière becomes a powerful instrument used by God to reach the Haitian man in the totality of his being. Haitian families living in the countryside are mostly left to their own and isolation. Rural areas lack infrastructure. Radio remains the only way to fast and good communication. Radio Light contributes to the education of these poor informs and secures for major natural disasters hitting the country. It plays an accompanying role of the Haitian peasant in his daily struggle for survival. Hours of great political and social unrest, it brings comfort and communicates hope.

Listen Radio Lumière Live Streaming

The non stop live stream of Lumière is available for the listeners from across the world.

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