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Radio Leve Kanpe (LKDH) 100.3 FM Haiti

Radio Levekanpe 100.3 FM Hinche also known as LKDH is a Mix format radio station that broadcasts form Hinche, Haiti and New Jersey. Run by a composed, dynamic and competent team, the LKDH Hinche plays a vital role in the regional information flow and news, entertainment radio market that continues to mature and progress. La Radio de la Nation Haitienne is the tagline of the LeveKanpe – LKDH that works for the welfare of the community and the tasks such as information, education, evangelism, literacy, training and grooming. Radio Tele Levkanpe Hinche 100.3 FM has a noble mission to cultivate and promote peace across Haiti, Caribbean and the whole world.

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Listen Radio Levekanpe (LKDH) 100.3 FM Hinche Online

Listen LeveKanpe 100.3 FM en direct from Hinche, Haiti. Wait as the LKDH stream loads.

More About Radio Tele Levekanpe 100.3 Hinche (LKDH)

  The broadcasts of the Levekanpe FM Hinche are available in North, Northeast, Artibonite, and Central Plateau with varying frequency modulation. More importantly, LeveKanpe is a bridge between Native Haitians and the expatriate population living in America. La Radio Favorite des tous les Haitiens is the slogan of the 100.3 and 100.5 FM. LeveKanpe 100.3 FM has a strong online presence with a website for the listeners and fans across the globe. You can read the News (Actualités), watch Vidéos, read sports stories and find a whole list of contacts and AudioNow numbers to listen in New Jersey, America. You can also follow your favorite LKDH on SoundCloud and Facebook platforms. Here is the website: LeveKanpeFM100.3



New Jersey:

1955 Springfield Ave Maplewood

New Jersey Suit 208

Office : 908 988 0116

Studio: 22 10 08 92 | 22 11 17 62

Haiti: 011-509-2943-5299

Int’l: 908-837-9595

Emails: radiolevekanpe@radiolevekanpehaiti.com




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